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The profitable ruse jewel of Guangdong businessman
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The profitable ruse jewel of Guangdong businessman

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Help you look for a beautiful girlfriend

A jobber of a firm of Shenzhen city that manufactures fur clothing and United States signed brushstroke the fur clothing of hundred thousands of dollar produces a contract, this answering that go to the United States at the hair before new year's day. As a result of,can be a variety of reasons, the goods after spending new year's day 5 days just is given out. Sufferred losing beautiful business from Shenzhen plane, express: They won't pay a minute of cash for this batch of goods. Bilateral negotiation also is this and again and again at a stand. After general manager Mr Lu takes over a negotiation, he visits plant area at the same time with beautiful business however, at the same time ground of in a gentle and mild way mentions the daily life of a family to come. Original, ancestral home of businessman of this United States is polish, young when cross the United States secretly because of political problem, barehanded hit nowadays this the world. Lu Jun listens, go to oneself by poor student immediately the experience of general manager says to listen to beautiful business.

Likewise hard individual struggles history, make beautiful business has a kind of an alien land to encounter the feeling of bosom friend to Lu Jun. Be informed beautiful business when Lu Jun up to now maiden, look for in China of purpose when aing happy married couple, a few young ladies that meet oneself's earnest introduction gives him. Then, when sitting to conference table again with Lu Jun when beautiful business, atmosphere produced delicate change, lu Jun expresses for protracted delivery be related at the same time extremely apology, at the same time reasonable ground explanation procrastinates period reason. Reach with beautiful business finally forgive. Hundred thousands of dollar collected Lu Jun smoothly to be in the account face of the company to go up. An eye sees the business of bubble soup turns with respect to such peak loop, promising.

A word saved 5 million dollar

Between Guangdong glasswork and American Europe Wen Si company, ever introduced American glass product line to have a negotiation. Both sides produced difference on the issue that complete set introduces and introduces partly: American respect insists to ask Chinese respect is introduced entirely, and collect beyond Chinese respect finite insist to be introduced partly for reason. The negotiation was immersed in deadlock. In this the moment of truth, square to the United States chief delegate says our factory director: "The whole world knows, the equipment of American Ou Wensi company is first-rate, the technology is first-rate, the product is first-rate. If, ou Wensi company helps our Guangdong glasswork go in the front row of Chinese congener enterprise, so, complete China will know Ou Wensi company. Our factory really because foreign exchange is limited, cannot introduce entirely, this are sure to ask American friends to forgive. We also believe American respect can reach the hand of friendship when we are difficult. Result, the United States just represents the opinion that in was being accepted, just represents, deadlock be readily solved, the negotiation reached an agreement smoothly by our desire, for the country managing the foreign currency of millions of dollars.
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