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Exquisite " rare " word tactics does poineering work become rich fast
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Exquisite " rare " word tactics does poineering work become rich fast

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The caparison of essence of life that fashionable dress stylist designs is installed, popularly says not to exceed 10 years in a country, and cannot be in same sell in the shop of a city. Why be done so after all? The answer is very actually simple, that is content with rare for expensive. Every fashionable dress is almost 10, even the price with 20 so expensive clotheses, wear just can feel on the body the identity, position is shown adequately come out. If full street person puts on the dress of same type, can feel this kind of dress is too common so, its value can fall greatly. So, people mirrors high-grade fashionable dress expensive, people is not followed. But knew this one truth, won't think so. The value of every fashionable dress depends on the elaborate design of stylist, the crystallization of its wisdom needs high price.

The price of cultural relic, antique is exalted, its consumptive object is not Everyman, however some magnate or VIPs. The picture with fast Buddhist, the price is breathtaking, average person can make inquires? Cannot. Less thing is more expensive, have it, what got mentally is contented. Businessmen know well greatly this, cannot produce group by group to fashionable dress, a few otherer commodity also limits production as far as possible, the purpose highlights namely " rare " word.

, business of a beautiful traditional Chinese painting took a fancy to 3 paintings that the Indian brings, the Indian says to want to sell 250 dollars, picture business dislikes expensive different idea, because the price of general at that time picture arrives in 100 dollars between 150 dollars, how is picture businessman willing to give so much money? The Indian is offended fire, run out quarrelsomely, among them one is burned. Picture business sees so good picture was burned, very sad painful, ask an Indian the two good fortune that leave how to many fund the picture sells? The Indian still wants 250 dollars, picture business refused again, indian burn-up a among them. Picture business is forced beg path: "But must not burn these last! " ask the Indian wishs how to much sell again, indian even 250 dollars. Picture business exports: "Does a picture draw can same price with 3? " the sale price that the Indian draws this again raises 500 dollars, clinched a deal unexpectedly finally.

After the event, somebody asks why the Indian wants burn-up two pictures, the Indian says: "Content with rare for expensive, again criterion, american likes to collect antique, collect carefully calligraphy and painting, want him to fall in love with this picture only, it is not to agree small suggestion dropt, would rather gives high price to also want bribe collect carefully, so I want burn-up two, leave to sell high price. Leave to sell high price..
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