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Wealthy person announces a bit result that he does poineering work
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Wealthy person announces a bit result that he does poineering work

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Cheating a mysterious veil all the time on the body of Beijing wealthy person. Beijing wealthy person is very rare be willing to accept a reporter to interview, be in two top class wealthy person clubs of Beijing -- in many 1000 of many 700 member of Chang'an club and capital club wealthy person, those who be willing to accept or had accepted a reporter to interview is more very few. Wu Ping passes the author to try hard difficultly, interview two clubs in all 6 members, select a 3 people from which. These 3 top class the member first time of wealthy person club announced poineering experience and result to the public.

Wang Hongjun: Search to be not worn wealthy person sense

Wang Hongjun has a company 39 years old

Basically be engaged in a domain: High-grade glass housetop

The individual is current asset: About 15 million

What belong to a club: Capital club

After people university graduates, I choose to go the foreign enterprise works. One what I go is the United States is stationed in Beijing agency, be in charge of selling the medical apparatus and instruments of a few entrances. Await in those days to make oneself OK make it more businesses, I study every day " human weakness " be able to bear or endure with card base a series of books, the job rises special spare no effort. Became this agency very quickly to sign sheet to measure the oldest person so. Firm job half an year, be to sell 3 selling manager by promotion, at that time the salary of every month from 260 yuan, rose at a draught 400 multivariate, and of gain is foreign currency certificate, that is to say, my salary is equivalent to a RMB 680 yuan. The thing that was 1987 then. A few years later, my salary and share out bonus of the end of the year are agency middle-level in highest, arrive all the time 1989, former American company sends the chief delegate that come to go back to the motherland, he recommended me to become the chief delegate of this agency. In those days salary is 800 dollars. If press convert of black at that time market price,be equivalent to 5000 yuan of RMBs.

Say normally, this ought to be very high income, a month when 1989 is OK the person of 5000 yuan of money is gain wealthy person, can be the sensation that I did not become wealthy person however. 1992 the end of the year, because the outstanding achievement of Beijing agency is very outstanding, american headquarters gives my individual the award of 10 thousand dollar. At that time myself already assemble issued many yuan 30, add this 10 thousand dollar, there had been many yuan 40 in the hand.
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