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Make money to 10 years of moneybags from negative old man road
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Make money to 10 years of moneybags from negative old man road

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It is one of impulsion with ongoing society to the angle of fortune, because this esteem capital is a kind of show that has social sense of responsibility. But our everybody cannot be forecasted however be opposite severally the potential of fortune dig. And actually good luck and fortune are beside, even easy to get. The key is to look have the mind that pursues without Shuang Hui eye and one persistence. Need additionally still have: Time.

With time of 10 years, old Li Congyi " negative old man " the moneybags that became real significance to go up, deduced one act of contemporary edition " big move of heaven and earth moves " . Afford for thought of his get rich story.

Nowadays, want to become millionaire, be not tickler. But the liability that should bear 200 thousand yuan, rise afresh, again the ordinary person is accomplished hard. Today, the sweet figure after 009 Laoli suffer from character of our conduct financial transactions first so namely.

Laoli, actually not old. More than 40 years old, wearing a pair of glasses, what more or less appearing dot scholar is sagacious.

As a result of long-term and outer rush about, vicissitudes of life is shown slightly on black face. Envisage very hard, below the appearance of its guileless, hiding an ordinary person rare bitter hot acid is sweet.

1, lapidation ask the way

Laoli's story should speak of from 1992. A colleague bought certificate of piece of stock offer to buy, before long medium of the 100th goods new. At that time, to the stock, most person is new still with discretion, that colleague of Laoli is not exceptional also. His make a price 9000 yuan, ask Laoli otherwise wants proof of this piece of subscribe. "I am holding wrestle in the arms the state of mind of one wrestle, one'sed mind disturbed. Alarming money losing a point, everything pursues fresh. After can new when deciding card of this piece of subscribe is made over transfer ownership, I spend money to be bought. I spend money to be bought..

After half an year, stock of the 100th money appears on the market trade. After appearing on the market the following day, laoli throws the share in the hand, net is close 7000 yuan. Be this accident money, your Laoli had the capital of deal.

Although relied on stock muddleheaded ground to earn brushstroke, but Laoli is malcontent to this sufficient. "Make a share, buying a house is the thing that wealthy person plays, resemble me such Everyman, what kind ofly to invest ability to suit his most after all? " very fast, accidental opportunity, let Laoli make pair of crucial decisions in his lifetime.
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