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The turnip becomes " gold " an one dollar
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The turnip becomes " gold " an one dollar

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Kind the turnip also can send big money, are you believed not? This not, lin Jinfu of farmer of village of river of blood clam of town of river of stone lion blood clam became the turnip " gold " , came true " rich " ? Common turnip sells a few minutes of fund only, after the turnip course that he plants chooses, a turnip can sell one dollar unexpectedly! This year, the Japan of exit of 300 mus of turnips that he plants can enter Zhang many yuan 200. Yesterday, he carry away a batch of turnips, on 10 thousand yuan increased in pocket.

Yesterday, the reporter is in village of blood clam river in ground of a turnip, saw such one act: Below burning sun, sweating Lin Jinfu is directing 10 many farmers to carry turnip of one basket basket a truck.

The turnip the way corp is growing in the ground is good, big, stout and strong, white tender, skin is thin. "Sold many jins 10 thousand again today " , virgin forest tells a reporter. He was planted 8 years of turnips, began to introduce Japanese variety last year in August " Chun Lei " , beneficial result is right. He planted 300 mus this year, had exported many mus of 200 turnip to go to Japan at present, income many yuan 200, eliminate cost, can earn tens of 10 thousand yuan. "Via choosing hind, 2 jins of long, multiple turnips export 40 much centimeter Japan, 1 can sell 1 dollar " , virgin forest says proudly. Via detecting, the nutrient value of this kind of turnip is 5 times of the turnip commonner, it is high grade food raw material.

The fund that uses Japan earns Japanese money, speak of kind of hang that the turnip gets rich, virgin forest says so. At the beginning of this year, company of a food signed virgin forest and Xiamen contract, introduce Japanese turnip breed to cultivate from this company, by this company responsible exit reachs Japan, all cost just offers Xiamen by day this company, turn to virgin forest again.

"I can rely on kind of turnip to become rich, thanksed to the help of party and government " , virgin forest says with all sorts of feelings.

When big last year drought, stone lion municipal Party committee farming do 10 thousand yuan to allocate funds technically, build reservoir fight a drought for its. Since this year, farming do to still expedite technical personnel to come to coach, town of blood clam river concerns a leader for many times bother about cultivates a circumstance, it is difficult that for him platoon care is solved. Blood clam river presses down agriculture of one be assigned personal responsibility for poplar surname cadre expressed yesterday, blood clam river pressed down altogether to cultivate many mus of 2000 turnip, will encourage the practice of farmer study virgin forest next, introduce admirable variety, promotion grows an area, stimulative farmer is added close.
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