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Money is the dicker that little earns also can earn big
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Money is the dicker that little earns also can earn big

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This is the poineering experience of a friend, those who do is place the dicker of 8 wool, gross also the capital with respect to thousands of money, how do seeing a someone do dicker work, all to us perhaps dream to do poineering work here make money the friend that indignation does not have good luck, capital not without advantage.

(one) in Feburary 2002 portion, I from city of some provincial capital an average college graduates, begin to contact the job, the major that I learn is travel and hotel management, but I am early before graduation give the industry of my major speak or sing alternately shot, doing poineering work is me all the time dream, but my suffer from does not have capital and experience, chose to be in acting firm of an international money first (Ups, fedex, dhl) go to work, the purpose is to want to accumulate a bit capital and social experience first, however, the salary that is less than 1000 money and job of as dry as a chip reduplicative force me very quickly to the brim that break down, differred, do poineering work now! After two months, object in family I resigned in sound the job that looks quite pretty good still in others, resolutely the cavalcade of the person that the investment of definitely arrived to do poineering work.

Because family objects, the poineering fund that gave me 4000 money only lets me go " rot " , this is the largest number that my people can provide to me, then I looked for my classmate to become partner, he gave 6000 money, begin to choose poineering project next, when because I was in Guangzhou 2000,jackarooing bring into contact with pearl tea with milk, feel in us city of that northward provincial capital still should have the market very much so, then the decision opens store of domestic pearl tea with milk, it is to look for storefront next, still calculate successful, the small shop that just has a sugarcoated haws on a stick selling ice wants change garments according to the season, we become an order smoothly received it come down, chummage is every month 1300, make 3 months pledge a month, decorate storefront, bought equipment and raw material to spend probably 5000 yuan, such, inn has not opened business 10 thousand yuan capital was done not have, then we two to respective friend lends money beside us, borrowed again in all probably 5000 money serve as circulating fund.

April 3, 2002, our small shop opened business, the first day of business is good still, just temperature is higher that day, we get sales promotion again, sold many 200 fund, achieved the goal that we anticipate, who knows is a cloudy day next, air temperature pelter, the guest comes down apparently less, sold many 80 fund only everyday, and lasted a week, I am mixed at that time is not flavor very really in the heart of my classmate, but we also know a truth, the setback in doing poineering work is hard to avoid, then we still are with confidence awaiting air temperature to pick up the business became good, when be being written down so that will enrage forecast temperature to will achieve 30 degrees again the day after tomorrow when a week, we are embraced gladly unexpectedly was in one case (ah, others heats up us more glad, what person! ) the business also gradually good rise.
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