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Sell fastfood " hungry law " profiteer
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Sell fastfood " hungry law " profiteer

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Somebody grabs boiler fried dish, somebody takes boiler to cook, but do this take pot however in the street variety? It seems this boiler but not light!

Reporter: "Does this boiler have multiple ah? "Does this boiler have multiple ah??

Wei Yong: "This boiler, go down this face to be weighed in 58 jins probably, 60 jins are less than! 60 jins are less than!!

Of road of Nanjing city Hunan fastfood a street, most attract eyeball should count here, this person that is taking the pot with peculiar modelling always can draw everybody to surround view.

Male client: "This queues up to become a scenery line now, be in originally here highlight not easily come out, because here booth is very much, the business is good, but with respect to him the home is best. But with respect to him the home is best..

Female client: "His practice is more distinctive, with other place different, the sense is newer, come over to look. Come over to look..

People queues up to buy call wintersweet cake, wintersweet sells cake on this fastfood street no less than 7, 8, why this is so delicious, and is this wintersweet cake you how much to want to be bought how to much you can buy?

Wei Yong: "The wintersweet cake of my home is sale of set limit to, a person can buy 5 only. A person can buy 5 only..

Reporter: "That is to say has set limit to, a person can buy 5 only, know? Know??

Female client: "We know, because we have what two people come, so a person 5. So a person 5..

Reporter: "Sent two people technically. "Sent two people technically..

Young shopkeeper is called Wei Yong, from Anhui native place comes to Nanjing to work more than 10 years ago, it is before half an year is much, on he or fastfood street one sells the dicker of rock candy calabash the person.

Wei Yong: "Controlled October probably 2004, the area involves below Nanjing namely, have a sugarcoated haws on a stick selling ice, he that hawkthorn, in the bathe on river side, had been washed, let reporter exposure next, not wholesome. Not wholesome..

TV exposure program, brave letting Wei feels doing business of sugarcoated haws on a stick also is not long plan, he begins to seek new opportunity, when a day of Wei Yong gives knack to cross a school, was attracted by a fastfood booth footstep.

Wei Yong: "As it happens saw several people are surrounded at the door this school, looked in the past, this what, wintersweet cake, there is Suzhou special local product above, I look, I had never eaten at that time, just had heard of have those who sell this wintersweet cake. Just had heard of have those who sell this wintersweet cake..
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