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20 thousand become the poineering myth of 2 million (1)
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20 thousand become the poineering myth of 2 million (1)

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A letter of 500 much words draws ● unexpectedly angel of 100 thousand yuan of " invests " , a thousand pieces of gold of word of word of it may be said, do you want to read the content of this letter? □

● 10 months meet a business that registers gold 20 thousand yuan appreciation 100 times, is this mythological? The hero does not fry a stock, do not buy lottery ticket, what is what then he leans? □

Rubbish became artwork to spent house to become dream workshop □

Enter cover edition considerably this design that the photograph films is unique, decorate cultured office, your a bit is not aware giving here is the beautiful room that manages shady and cool moisture unexpectedly so. To this, your meeting exclaim is changed decayed for magical creation magic power.

What wall suspension connects south is a few photographs, strewn at random the form that send the ground becomes the adornment group plan with an extremely strong wallop. The theme of group plan is surprising- - it is dustbin completely. But the dustbin with these distinctive modelling makes person interest full; The dustbin before French Paris triumphant arch resembles the equipment that is a spacefarer, the spacefarer on moon of cleaner just like; The dustbin of primitive simplicity of Italian Rome is elegant, cleaner is pushing it to as if in the sing happily in a loud voice before opern; The rubbish shuttle picture that Bisaida leaves became full the colour of children pursues; The ash-bin setting before Parisian goddess courtyard must be understood simply... artistic city, rubbish also is OK so so beautiful. □

These are building host Yan Zheng photographs to the pays close attention to on the way special subject when Western Europe is itinerary, the press photographer Tang Jun that interviews together also highly praises the distinctive originality of this spare photography lover. □

The fence is being opened in is " of snow of west of Oriental sea of clouds of a piece of " is gigantic a computer synthesis graph, is thematic character " good luck be monetary · brand be born namely? Quot; . More those who make a reporter big feel accident is photograph, picture, it is him Yan Zheng films not only, oneself are made, and do a bottom to make casing, bound on wall, all be he is made with one's own hands, decorating adornment, office indoorly to furnish repeatedly also is him relative strength is in person. □

Indoor look be like pretty good desk chair, great majority is bought in order to exceed low from inside grand sale of city of each everybody illicit, still have a plenty of others to throw away a door not to want. Looking is some cheap goods, order through degree of master house, decorate meticulously, seeming is special do poineering work for him and of form a complete set. □
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