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A collection of selected specimens of profitable art of Taiwan businessman white
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A collection of selected specimens of profitable art of Taiwan businessman white hand

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At the beginning of 50 time, taiwan is plastic industry is very lagging, plastic industry also lies on the world development is earlier. At this moment Wang Yongqing saw the ambitious prospect that develops plastic industry however, he resolutely to American development heat the agency that be stationed in a stage borrows money 680 thousand dollar, prepare to construct plastic plant. From now on, he hammer and tongs, the product is expanded by plastic industry petro-chemical etc. The area enlarges world each district by Taiwan, now his stage model company already was one crosses national big company, its branch spreads all over ten nations of world and area, and developing increasingly. 1987, sale of stage model company is 5.3 billion dollar, the profit before duty 6. 9.5 billion dollar, than 1986 (30. 900 million dollar) growth is 1 times closer. Now, wang Yongqing already became one of millionaire with famous whole world, be called " the manage god of business circles " .

★ of ★ of ★ of build up of hardworking and thrifty of ★ ★ ★

Successful businessman builds up from nothing, not be surprise by what the plan that seek other, rely on preterhuman brains and double effort however. Their enthusiasm, strive like rugger player of upper reaches, although discharge decided exercise time everyday, had made him exhausted, but arrived in night, he still practices secretly alone. Perhaps be like this only, talent skill is preeminent!

Some arrange store that serve to replace oneself purchase cheap kinds or types of goods, not hesitate sacrificial Morpheus time, ground of from a great distance runnings to the countryside of far to buy wool pig, also do not tell even boss colleague even, with respect to willingness ground " for shop " and rubbing tired eye, go driving his nocturnal road.

Mr Chen of ancestral home Fujian, as a result of him humanness is sought and faithful, be handed in with the friend and believe, work cautious and conscientious, run a ten-cent store in him so when, get the appreciate of a French magnate, turn into bank job consequently. From now on he is plain sailing, great plan is exhibited greatly. A lot of others are longed for day and night, the enterprise of the within sight but beyond reach, such as bank, railroad, shipping is waited a moment, hold the post of his move about freely and quickly.

This gives his get one's own back conscientiously just about.

★ of ★ of ★ of rise in value of time of ★ ★ ★

Time does not stay. People makes money in deal of race against time. Actually time can make monetary rise in value, be like the deposit, loan, interest that buys bond; In estate investment, low is purchased, as time elapse, prices upsurges quickly, and bring new increase.
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