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How to capture " formal achieve rich " good chance
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How to capture " formal achieve rich " good chance

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Nowadays, as the grow in quantity of social activity, it is certain to master formal to modern, had become indispensable " skill " . Formal groom, achieve rich opportunity newly as a kind, also begin to cause the attention of people.

Although formal groom already made opportunity of a kind of fortune, but how does ability eat this next cake? Wang Leping encountered such bewilderment.


Study abroad stay " formal become rich " dream

Wang Leping, ever studied abroad in Russia. During, about " heroic mother " the impression that the view gave him to leave profundity, he knew a mother accordingly is tremendous to the child's influence. Subsequently, an idea that grooms in the light of the female begins the shoot in the head in him. Study abroad after returning, have the aid of produces per year the experience that tastes a sale and accumulated fund more, wang Leping decides to establish oneself formal groom orgnaization, he names this for " formal club " .

"Japanology is unripe, especially schoolgirl, in the course that high school phase has formal side first. " it is those who prove think of a way to be able to carry out a gender, wang Leping adduce foreign example. "I think cut a dot to be in surely 16, on female of 23 years old, begin to them include business affairs of land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another, job formal those who wait for a respect is short-term groom. Their thinking is more active, be interested in strange thing quite. Be interested in strange thing quite..

After this, wang Leping plans " hair force " of 50 years old of above in senile woman group. "Aged the society is coming, I want to be begun in the light of senile woman groom, how to teach the topic such as next generation to groom relevant course. " in his eye, the child's education is very much now moment is assumed by grandfather grandma, accordingly, "To old people groom have very big market. "To old people groom have very big market..


Originality is very good the question is much also

Wang Leping says frankly, he also is facing the quandary that a lot of personages face now, include the issue such as charge and field. The plan of formal to founding club, the experts that invest consultation group pass labor, discover many problems.

Move the result that check according to Wang Leping, a lot of colleges opened Jinan business affairs is formal course. He hopes to be able to use the force of persons qualified to teach with abundant college, space, the market that increases oneself extends ability to had become formal club. But the key of the problem depends on, he knows how this plan just can find win-win place far from, get the school " fragrant heart " .
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