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Chinese plute get rich becomes rich 7 kinds of weapons
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Chinese plute get rich becomes rich 7 kinds of weapons

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One, be driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels

From 20 centuries 70 time end comes 80 time later period, poineering Chinese plute is finished to belong to be driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels mostly inside the time that is as long as 10 years model. In 20 centuries 90 time arrive all the time today, this kind of type ever had appear. It is successive that its model is represented rank several years " Forbes " the Li Xiaohua of front row of Chinese plute pop chart, and establish the Yi Xianzhong of 7 happy computer limited company of Guangdong. The first pail of gold of Li Xiaohua is to rely on in north to wear a river to traffic alleged " American cold drink " dig, devoted at that time capital is 3500 yuan, results amounts to 100 thousand yuan of RMBs. Li You puts kinescope in island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty after, gain profit 1 million. Li Zhen is breaking out is to take the sea-voyage eastward later Japan, become Zhang Guang the total representative that essence of 101 hair second birth is in Japan. Li Yi owns Chinese interior racing bike of benefit of the first farad is famed, time is 1993.

Yi Xianzhong belongs to factory director of company of follower of group of a state-owned pharmacy of Guangzhou before do poineering work, because the daughter contracts cerebral disease, to raise money medical expenses is forced go into business. The first pail of easy gold is the Guangzhou south that decorates for close down the edifice makes ballast of 500 energy-saving electrons, capital gold is from Guangdong Zhongshan small take a garrison post the value of tick of place of a young shopkeeper 5000 yuan electron raw material. Easy with oneself housing of 50 square metre makes a plant, obtain 1000 yuan, hind easy establish Bai Yun accordingly factory of energy-saving electron electric equipment, 3 months gain profit 140 thousand yuan, easy will regard oneself as the first pail of true gold. It is easy after the money that procuration treats a disease for the daughter, continue again former plant goes to work, hind because of factory decline, ability is have to the 2nd go into business, found 7 happy computer limited company of Guangdong, at present individual asset passes 100 million.

2, try to make a good showing or suffer stimulation model

Its model is represented is Liao Changguang of president of Chongqing cygnet group.

Deserted family circumstances is common, ever go to the countryside has done 8 years of educated youth, after answering a city, become in bureau of Chongqing city building electrical engineering, marry He He Yongzhi of 7 younger sister. Why to became famous beautiful, become in factory of a shoe at that time stylist, be good at dress designing. He 7 sister, 6 are married flexibly Lang Jun, have deserted capacity only " humble " , because this equipment gets everybody a run on a bank, circumstances is embarrassed. This stimulates Liao Shou, pledge do poineering work, with stand out.
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