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Running and profiteer in the disorder
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Running and profiteer in the disorder

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Do not need to build oneself factory building, need not make fixed trade, but, I make money continuously. The recipe that makes money continuously depends on: Lose continuously, search continuously, run forth continuously.

2004 the night of christmas, scene of debauchery, China colour sways, I mix mark to be in the crowd that move restlessly, I observe the behavior of others, laughingstock that collects others and complaint. Fasten misunderstanding, I am not a police. I just search the businessman of the opportunity. By the insignificant minor matter of your oversight, once fall into my law eye, perhaps became my next trade item.

Ramble " the opportunity that come out
Modern deal feels special to be not arranged, had done because of what each industries should do appeared, where the place still inserts a foot? I am different however, again intense market, I have method to find the place of stay.

Dare so say, because come 3 years,be, I am experienced a pair a mind which perceives both past and future, what project can make money, what is inviting trap, do not escape to cross my eye commonly.

3 years ago, marry to purchase things, I just shopped a few times really. Shop, to me -- an old old man that ignores life bagatelle for, it is endure hardships simply. Basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle, daily necessaries, use go up to be hit with what do not go up fold commodity, be alled be bought by prospective wife, wrap packet to carry greatly every time come home, both hands is strapped early red swollen, coma cannot restore original shape a long time.

Accurate wife says jokingly, every every so get along, not be Cai Jinggui of your this both hands.

So much person has a rough time, can be may not changed? Accurate wife so say, aroused my poineering inspiration.

It is unwilling that my day is born with the person that lives at normal. Since after entering company of a patent representative to work 1996, the new originality with multifarious bring into contact with, I want to do bit of what business all the time. The new project without number that passes from my hand everyday, always want to find poineering opportunity from which. As it happens, have " convenient and portable " the project comes round to declare, this is a simple small product, answer according to palmar bent degree plastic make a protection cover, as it happens is put in control, wait when shopping bag put in this little protection to cover when going up, won't strap the palm. This project was solved shop the trouble that brings me. This not, the opportunity came!

After this, I am occupied do not have a thing to run to supermarket doorway observation, original, male female, old little, always wrap greatly shop, force a hand because of shopping bag and complain of suffering does not drop. Had demand, have the market.
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