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Course of project of undergraduate profitable an unexpected winner
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Course of project of undergraduate profitable an unexpected winner

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The undergraduate does poineering work, it is a kind of form of new-style obtain employment. It is obtain employment plan, the undergraduate does poineering work cannot only high-grade, and should industrial choice range is wider, live in order to seek for the first important or urgent business. Accordingly, expert proposal, the undergraduate does poineering work should " vivid " long, "Vivid " moist, eye should avoid heat is cold, develop a new style or a new method of one's own.

The undergraduate does poineering work -- the phrase with a new hot broil.

The government gives aid to, finance loan, school grooms... the service with ebullient society, it is a foundation of undergraduate poineering success only, more important is: Choose profession. Review at present the undergraduate does poineering work, what think of place to want, great majority focusing at popular domain, be fond of establish high-tech enterprise. Expert character: This is 1000 army 10 thousand horses walk along another " single-plank bridge " .

An unexpected winner and popular, it is this temporarily those temporarily also, do big, had been done, make others enchanted act accordingly, an unexpected winner also became popular. Accordingly, the course of an unexpected winner that the undergraduate does poineering work, actually be pregnant with is worn the business chance of cold storage.

Dig gold from inside change

Environmental change, the change of viewpoint of value, the change of life form, the change of population structure, the change of industrial structure... each change, can bring the opportunity that do poineering work.

Play golf, the vogue with burgeoning compatriots moves, let you likely braid the industry below the ball. Do not believe? Look: Fudan University recruits golf major economy to manage a talented person appoint the message that train a squad just came out, spot signing up is unusually hot. Recruit quota of people to have 100 people only, but the person that sign up exceeds 460 people, and 80 % above is record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning, still have a lot of answer dawn, hand in big, wait for a school graduate with aid. The school is affirmatory even: Bag of the 100 % after graduation applies for a job.

The school dare be pulled big packets greatly, result from the viewpoint of value of people changed: Health comes heavy. Health is 1, money, foreign room, official position is 1 0 from the back, had 1 only, the 0 more gift from the back are nicer; Did not have 1, 0 again much also no use.

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