Mode of home appliance north and south is in capital have a trial of strength
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Mode of home appliance north and south is in capital have a trial of strength

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: To May 1, 2008, su Ning electric equipment enters Beijing field already 6 years. From original unbeknown to year of brand widely known, sale from the first year inadequacy goes to nearly 5 billion yuan of 2007 500 million yuan, arrive from the earlier An Zhen that send contain inn of eye front door spreads all over a capital, beijing Su Ning electric equipment is dovish develop while the bugle that also changes in industry of home appliance of ceaseless blow capital. Guide Su Ning's person to build up from nothing in Beijing field “ the Fan Zhijun of ” did not stop a pace, “ rises from this year, beijing Su Ning does poineering work the ‘ that begins a brand 2 times ’ , devote oneself to to make ” of internationalization brand image in the round.

Hold to a brand from beginning to end construction is consummate

To the market of Beijing home appliance 2002, su Ning electric equipment is a new personality. “ is in Beijing at that time, the person that knows Su Ning electric equipment is very few, we often should spend a long time to give owner introduction Su Ning's brand when set up shop, take headquarters of Nanjing of their visiting Su Ning even. ” has experienced a brand to build earlier twist, fan Zhijun takes seriously very much and cherish Su Ning to be built in the brand of Beijing field. Inside home appliance industry long-standing out-and-out price war, and Fan Zhijun thinks of the brand than spelling ability it is the competitive place with real henceforth industry.

Be in early 2002, su Ning enters Beijing beginning, make invite applications for a job jointly with Chinese incomplete tens of renown deformity employee, the first time the love element in developing culture of Su Ning company, after this, su Ning takes an active part in ” of SARS of beat back “ , aid financially an undergraduate to return countryside to celebrate a festival, give aid to economy of battalion of impoverished school, support civilian studies … of afforestation of citizen of project, organization…

“ judges an enterprise to make a key is the value that sees it create. Su Ning is oneself fixed position the enterprise of socialization all the time, in real operation we also assumed capital home appliance to interlink the social responsibility of industry great majority! ” Fan Zhijun expresses, the value with competitive “ is very fundamental, but the company that seeks price war only won't be long-term. Su Ning's target is the has social sense of responsibility brand that builds high administrative levels, things card wins the heart of consumer, resemble buying TV to meet first the brand that make choice of is worth to trust, seek likely price next again. ”
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