How to assess the value of big client?
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How to assess the value of big client?

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How to quantify big client the value to the enterprise? Lose a big client, company loss how many money? Are 100 complained why to mean company loss 5 million yuan vendibility? Reduce rate of 5% clients prediction of a person's luck in a given year to the profit growth of how many you can bring for the enterprise?

If all companies know to lose the loss of a client, they can measure “ invest in between new business ” and ” of client of tarry of “ invest in accept or reject relation. Unfortunate is, accounting system is imponderable the value of a faithful client; Financial system also oversight the cash that the client can generate during maintaining business relation with the company flows. If can get satisfactory service, the client can be in a few years when maintain business relation with the company, one year more than a year ground contributes profit for the company.

With credit card the service is exemple, strive for a new user to want 51 dollars on average, use at advertisement, promote and open an account wait for expenditure. The user spends money in the begining very few, but bring certain profit for the company. But if the user continues to be used, can bring more economic benefits for the company, be opposite because of the accredit between company and client and client the satisfaction of the company, cause a client to pass credit card consumption morely. User contribution is increasing, of the company run charge to be in however ceaseless bring down. Credit card company can reduce the time of examine and verify of pair of client credence ceaselessly. The client that keeps long-term concerns, still can reduce advertisement expenditure, client itself is a free advertisement resource. A lot of people like to listen to the friend's opinion before consumption, feel more authentic than advertisement.

If can use client relation to manage (CRM) , make client and enterprise are built trade more products are consumed after the relation, the client's value increases subsequently. For example, if client again the first time after consumption, buy ¥ again the commodity of 300 or service (after be like the air conditioning that bought 2000 yuan, spend 300 yuan to maintain again in the winter) , industry hope is annual the client spends these 300 yuan. The client's value increased.

Client resource is very valuable to the enterprise, the development of IT makes the enterprise can undertake to its client natural resources more active management is mixed use. Through applying CRM successfully, a few companies changed to run way already, achieved actual result again at the same time. How to score huge success in CRM? There are 8 recipes below.
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