Gu Ge is in China the strategy turns to medium and small businesses to search ma
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Gu Ge is in China the strategy turns to medium and small businesses to search market competition to turn white-hot

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A few days ago, gu Ge held his to enter China since Gu Ge of the biggest —— of market sale activity forum of sale of medium and small businesses, this also is activity of the promotion below the is aimed at medium and small businesses technically line that its hold first in China.

This the activity makes clear, gu Ge is preparing with lofty stance, join mix by Alibaba originally the market of advertisement of medium and small businesses with the intense competition of Baidu dominant. This also means 3 large network tycoons of Chinese the competition that to China the Internet advertisement of 500 thousand medium and small businesses puts demand on spreads out in the round. But face the competitive market that has turned white-hot, gu Ge whether control successfully do its grow pace?

Gu Ge is in China the strategy upgrades

Gu Ge's mainland changes the strategy ground of in an orderly way spreads out. Before before long, gu Ge announces the collaboration with golden hill also perfected his to be in China ruse course. Li Kaifu of president of division of cereal song China expresses, of PowerWord of “ Gu Ge release a mark to wear Gu Ge entered China to had taken the 3rd step. ”

Hoping to seek advice from chief analyst Lv Baiwang to think, cooperate with golden hill, not only the inadequacy that can make up for Gu Ge to translate a respect in China, still conduce to at the same time enhance Gu Ge Chinese and English combination searchs ability. And this became its to search a service to enter undoubtedly advocate of medium and small businesses base establish.

As expected, in concluded with golden hill after cooperative agreement, gu Ge announces high-key enter market of advertisement of Chinese medium and small businesses. From 2003 since, rise gradually as service industry proportion, the amount of Chinese medium and small businesses is rapid increase sharply, its put in demand to increase in the advertisement on Internet, make the latent capacity of this market is approbated by people gradually. Song hope lends cereal this be in and grab in the process that domestic competitor contends ” of more cake of network advertisement “ .

The strategic consciousness of cereal song China already clearer and clearer, liu Yun of vice-president of whole world of song of positive-appearing image cereal says in that way, gu Ge should act in China just the part of if portion.

Gu Ge faces strong opponent not to dread

Medium and small businesses is becoming the advertisement “ that Internet company searchs to grow end ” , the Internet company with numerous amount develops overall competition to acquire more advertisement share. Aim at user of medium and small businesses have a lot of, the strong opponent Baidu that includes Gu Ge to be in China among them and A of tycoon of electronic business affairs Libaba. In the income of Baidu, medium and small businesses is all the time advocate make force; Alibaba is him definition to medium and small businesses to provide the company of the service, ” of alliance of advertisement of the mom in its “ A is dividing the Internet advertisement market that feeds chunk.
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