"Relieve the people in disaster " : Be opposite of brand enterprise " exam "
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"Relieve the people in disaster " : Be opposite of brand enterprise " exam "

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Enterprise society responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility, abbreviation CSR) it is to show the enterprise is being created profit, right while partner assumes legal responsibility, assume the responsibility of pair of employee, consumer, community and environment even. The social responsibility of the enterprise asks the enterprise must surmount the traditional concept that regards sole aim as profit, emphasize wanting the attention of the to the person value in reproduction process, the person that emphasize offset expending, right the environment, contribution to the society.

On May 12, 2008 14 when 28 minutes, plain county produces Sichuan short of Wenshui River 7.8 class earthquake, shock China. Each respect also was lifted from this contribute money, the activity of relieve the people in disaster that relinquishs content, up to 15 days 15 when, the whole nation receives social all circles to donate money other people in all 1.344 billion yuan.

"Relieve the people in disaster " donate content, contribute money more when seem pair of brand industries " exam " , this second " relieve the people in disaster takes an exam " more highlight culture of brand society responsibility and culture connotation and social mainstream with tropism, also show certain brand enterprise to chase this drinking benefit loses social sense of responsibility to reach with social mainstream culture run in the opposite direction.

Chinese Shanghai is deep two ground stock market appears on the market about 2000 times company, the brand is countless more, the competition of its brand already had the brand of deep culture connotation to compete from translate into of pure price, quality and service competition. Contain a lot ofthe company culture of social responsibility through brand backside, win the self-identity of consumer and public to the brand, already became the main competition state that prospective brand competes.

Although " relieve the people in disaster " it is the one share that brand enterprise assumes social responsibility only, but be being affected to the brand, follow-up to the society is tremendous; What live as people material is great and contented, raised taller requirement to the brand, what what its pay close attention to is the quality of the product, price, service not only, more it is to pay close attention to a brand to whether be brave in to assume social responsibility, redound society; Be in " relieve the people in disaster " in the more extensive influence that the positive contribution, brand that contributes content can make its brand is caused in whole society, make suffer numerous the beauty to the brand praise spend what perception spends to faithfulness to change.
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