The clever sale of hard times
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The clever sale of hard times

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Today's consumer classics regular meeting gets many sale ad. According to statistic, this amount exceeds 3000 about everyday. Of course, in digital logger, prohibit phone interference list, prevent the help that plays the technology such as a window to fall, consumer compares the past more be good at escaping these useless advertisement.
The person that new technology and tool are sale brought huge challenge. If advertisement basically lets sale advertisement be delivered smoothly,be in to consumer, they must be accomplished more low cost, efficient and resourceful. And the sale personnel that seldom counts only can succeed to achieve progress in this respect. Most company still allocates the capital of same amount to be on advertisement sale and capital project, but to the redound that sale invests they can guess only and cannot solid estimate. Often speak of a budget, possible answer is “ normally we the budget this year compares much last year ” or our budget compares “ our competitor much ” .

Market sale is most enterprise estimated main component, the 5% ~ that occupy company expenses normally 15% . But the government that works to market sale still considers random criterion and devoid accuracy. Accordingly, sale personnel needs to make strict sale circuit, in order to ensure the investment fund of sale activity is used appropriate. This does not show their lack is revolutionary ponder over ability, however they the effect of those primary sale activities is in wear off. To this, the plan that we devise is to be based on 0 estimated, card of use articles for use and market classification and exact evaluation level and program system make the investment standard that adopts this plan and photograph of other sale plan are compared, have huge otherness.

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A lot of companies try to optimize each content that their sale invests, can excogitate the integral sale plan with an all applicable lever to sale effectiveness rarely however. They lack the tool that makes specific target normally, also do not have law make a final decision shift of which kinds of sale is most low cost, efficient with tall redound. Although these computational duty factor are more complex, but the bewilderment that brings in view of the increases quickly sale information place on the market, these jobs are necessary. And, the company must pass the feedback information that gets in competitive environment ceaselessly to update their enumerated data.

Carry the survey of pair of sale activities, plan of sale of this one a complete set of optimized whole sale technological process. 5 lever of market sale effectiveness are consumer group respectively, buy method, sale plan, sale is carried out and sale is affected. The investment combination of the company and brand strategy prep above are all 5 lever. And these a few lever, rely on ability platform conversely again. Ability of the culture that ability platform includes drive of the circuit with enterprise unified, integrated interior, standard, analysis and IT system reach a framework. Usually, the company can evaluate sale effectiveness through these 5 lever. But if be centered at possibility above all those the biggest fields, can produce surprising result quickly.
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