The extraction of agency art of situation, bright path, actor
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The extraction of agency art of situation, bright path, actor

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Heibei has the agency of a wine of the city that do Lu, his special place is “ is not afraid of change goods ” . This is not to say actual strength of this dealer capital has how abundant, have how many money, how much can receive. However the power that he uses change money, do oneself business. Its are specific the practice is: The product enters the market with higher-priced, the market atmosphere of series of old cellar or pit for storing things of city of Lu of have the aid of, play Lu state card greatly, after forming sales volume, the goods outside rushs, the atmosphere that Lu city wine sells is thicker. See the opportunity matured, this agency with the form that buy outright, design to be tasted newly, reintroduce market, because be to buy outright, the price is opaque, profit nature is considerable.

Although the practice of this agency has the suspicion of bit of “ spec ” , but we must admire his assurance to “ situation ” . Above all the sign that he saw series of Lu city old cellar or pit for storing things is popular, introduce Lu city series, next the power that he uses change money, guide buy outright a product, the success was scored inside zonule. Actually, we observe those successful agency, have a common characteristic: Capture market of opportunity, analysis, innovation to sell kind, this is OK reduce takes skill of situation, bright path, actor.

Take situation namely foresight

To “ situation ” , prosperous of Yu Yao of vice president of group of case orchid be an official ever had described “ so a stone, ground, it is a stone. If this stone, condole is hanged in tall cliff of 100 a unit of length, it had situation ” . To “ situation ” should hold somewhat: If do not have situation, be about abide situation; If the opportunity is good, had situation, be about to borrow situation. So to agency, ” of what “ situation is there but abide, can you borrow?

One, the situation of the industry. The angle that develops from the industry looks, renown wine and 2 wine are in phase of a growth now, and this level still can consider continuously grow period of time; Wine of yellow rice or millet wine, health care, foreign wine breeds level at the market, this also needs for a long time; The feature of bishop and beer is brand concentration. This is a fundamental trade current situation, the strategy of agency correspondence can be, capture a big trend that wine revives; Adopt bred strategy to wine of yellow rice or millet wine, health care; Bishop and beer should seize brand product. Occurrence amlposition or offside can bring a loss to agency. For instance some agency value the development trend of yellow rice or millet wine and sanitarian wine, foreign wine, consider as the rising sun the industry, with respect to concentration all resource undertake throwing, the result is done very tiredly, delayed the development of oneself, some has not seen the rising sun had died even.
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