Commonweal sale Shuang Renjian
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Commonweal sale Shuang Renjian

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More and more enterprises are fond of commonweal sale, have due social responsibility with this bear, this is the beginning with Chinese company mature strike.

However only then at aseismatic the commonweal sale action of a few companies in providing disaster relief however not so sainted, get person reception, often be pointed to to lose human nature even, " factory of sweat and toil " , carry immoral black boiler on the back, and be condemned by the public. Look round aseismatic in providing disaster relief " incident of Wang Shi contribution " , the most primary reason is not Wang Shi how many what donate, however its challenged the weakest part in popular wishes in the response of rich guest, cause the public finally to condemn stone of king of 10 thousand divisions, condemnation, and the crisis public relations of 10 thousand divisions and Wang Shi appears pale finally before powerful the will of the people.

Many enterprises often enter an error when performing social duty, that is the hype of pair of society responsibility, the society of the enterprise is donated or help danger aid up to strand must regard as event of a news will acclaim, lend this promotion company brand image, contribute or donate what you do otherwise do not know for person place, it is infructuous, appear without value. Once you acclaim where day,this often is caused easily excessive, do be less than or do little, you challenged the expectation value of public popular wishes, often form undesirable impression in public mood, cause trustful crisis very easily.

The enterprise solves social obtain employment, lawfully pay taxes, offer valuable product to the society or serve, protect an environment, this is the most primary society responsibility, also be an enterprise what be able to live and develop continuously is essential. The content that place of enterprise society responsibility contains is very extensive, safety of product safety, environmental protection, public, lawfully career of pay taxes, commonweal belongs to its category. We must admit, the blame that lays enterprise citizen in the new condition of economic integration and social transition is occurrent profound change, if say much be confined to is traditional before the responsibility of the enterprise the level, so the depth that changes to be reformed with economy as the society today develops, rise abruptly as the reason of popular wishes and of civil rights consciousness anabiosis, the social responsibility of the enterprise also will produce profound change subsequently nowadays, as the enterprise we must have foresight ground to realise this kind of change, performing social duty while go complying with hard, the will of the people with real press close to, win more respect thereby, build brand affinity, is not contempt public and consumer.
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