Shallow talk about brand sale 8 dimension space
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Shallow talk about brand sale 8 dimension space

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: —— of law of lead industry lead accuses with its the product that tries you is better than the family, be inferior to industry of race to control first machine, become a leader, first person the recipe that lives not to need doubt is a sale strategy

Ask about when us: Who is American president? Legion meets of all with one voice say: Bush. Ask when us: Who is American defense minister? We discover, known person is not much. This shows, the first than outstanding more important.

A lot of people think, the product that the basic problem of sale depends on persuading him customer or service are better than others. Be incorrect! The leader of any industries is the first enters consumer mental brand. The first brand is able to maintain an account that leads a position is, its brand name often leads a position because of its and make behavior category name.

If successful recipe depends on the first entering consumer intelligence, so mostly what the company adopts is what strategy the product ” with better ——“ is politic. The strategy that talks about group of cartridge igniter logic recently is “ decides a dot to overtake ” , with the leader in the industry the brand is a standard, measure your product with its. This is so called “ a of ” of method of comprehensive and excellent management main essential factor, be flaunted to be “ to provide the politic ” of competition ability most. Regretful is, “ decides a dot to overtake ” strategy did not produce magical effect. No matter reality how, it is ritzy that people has held the first brand in intelligence above all, comparative dergee is belonged to completely infructuous.

If,category centers banner law —— cannot first category of a certain product, the consideration innovates a brand-new category, the transverse sale thinking of innovation sex is the revolutionary fill a vacancy of fore-and-aft sex thinking

If you do not have the intelligence of the first exclusive consumer, never mind, if be not done in this category,we still have category law —— the first, that builds to be able to make first category.

Company of a lot of IT is by this one simple rule overnight render outstanding service and be famous: Innovation goes a kind of unprecedented new class, new product.

When building new product, the first question that you should ask yourself is not “ how does it just taste good ” than contest, however this new product can be in “ which category does the first ” .

Do this look have how be contrary to to ponder over means —— at the sale of ” of dominant of traditional “ brand make consumer more the brand that favores me? Forget class of brand, consideration, sale person level of one respecting brand, consumer is born suddenly with respect to animosity, everybody safeguards the brand that he uses to the utmost, feel or it is best. But if be cut from category, the breadth of mind of consumer always opens wide for you. People always likes strange thing, it is better that who very few person can care about.
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