Sell incentive development new trend
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Sell incentive development new trend

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Most company accomplishs incentive method only extend bonus this one pace, and the action of incentive without “ of farther play bonus ” .

A few days ago, yue of China letter benefit sought advice from a company to release its drive of sale of area of “2007/2008 chinese mainland designs survey result ” . Representing of sale of delegate of sale of the selling manager of a gleam of that shares 70 companies that come from all trades and professions, area, client participated in this investigation.

Which kinds of drive suits more?

Investigation shows: Use “ target bonus ” of ” , “ deduct a percentage from a sum of money and mix model (already ” of “ target bonus also has ” of “ deduct a percentage from a sum of money) the company all exists certain proportion (see chart 1) . Contrast the sale drive that Hua Xinhui Yue is aimed at the whole world designs survey result, the company proportion that target bonus system uses inside global limits is a few higher.

“ home uses more of method of deduct a percentage from a sum of money, the management that is group of the maturity that follows home market, sale is relative. Area of China of ” Hua Xinhui Yue changes presiding and advisory Li Yan starts bonus advisory business say. Show according to investigation, management jumps over mature company, the demand that the target reachs is stronger. Normally for, the target is to come from at selling the strategy, guide sale group to achieve sale goal.

And the method of deduct a percentage from a sum of money, criterion more the tendency goes regarding the sale as agency, bonus is sales revenue smoke. “ is on a rising market, still can decide specific target not quite when the company, and also not be very strong to selling explicit sex of the strategy when, the company uses the method of deduct a percentage from a sum of money can morely. ” Li Yan is promoted say.

In fact, ” of “ deduct a percentage from a sum of money and ” of “ target bonus do not have the cent of what relative superiority or inferiority, it is better that all sorts of methods are done not have, suit more only. (see chart 2) part of the market environment of every company, salesperson and sale level of management exist very big different, when bonus plans, the choice needs adjust measures to local conditions, suit the remedy to the case, cannot inflexible and dogmatic.

How does bonus extend?

Put the issue of frequency to award golden hair, investigation shows, domestic company is in the majority with lunar hair and the frequency that season sends, this achieves rate with the administrative deepness of domestic company, strategy, also be relative.
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