We are classmates -- the boss class on-the-spot record of EMBA China
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We are classmates -- the boss class on-the-spot record of EMBA China

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On May 27, 2006, saturday, 9: 00AM, heavy rain. This is the institute austral Zhongshan university mountain (abbreviation mountain courtyard) the first time course of class of spring of 2006 class EMBA, course is the strategic management of Dean Zhang Jianqi assistant.

Heavy rain and traffic block sluggish let many student in a way be late a little while, if ask strictly, they will be deducted on this course 0.5 credit. Playtime, the student that be late people reach to decanal apologize in succession complain. "Buckling cent is us very an afraid thing. " bright red healthy says the squad leader. Be called " piece boss " the dean emphasizes again and again with the reporter, "Go out they are bosses, to here I am a boss. To here I am a boss..

"Stand up " , attendant teacher stands before the stage, all student sing the mandarin school song that just learns and song of courtyard of language of another name for Guangdong Province together. Libretto still is familiar with not quite apparently, student people can leaf through backside to imprint have words of song attend class card. "This attends class in one's childhood with us call a teacher very same, can carry brace up spirit, concentrate energy. " bright red healthy says. Drive this one new convention as skill already a year of much Dean Zhang Jianqi assistant thinks, of the core spirit that regards the school as the institute reflect, this one flow is indispensible. "Student people self-identity feeling is to build what go up in every little bit. "Student people self-identity feeling is to build what go up in every little bit..

"Here is gym "

China is becoming the EMBA study base that fixes eyes upon to the person makes most on the world quickly. Only in business school of Europe international work (the Europe in abbreviation) EMBA is current and annual recruit students 630 people, it is the EMBA course with the largest scale of global recruit students, come 11 years, already recruited, trained student of 3800 Yu Ming EMBA; On the list of student of course of EMBA of business school of the Yangtse River, you can see the person of a few famous, certain name ever appeared possibly still in Forbes at the same time on Chinese plute a list of names posted up; MBA of Beijing University international is occupied calling the enrollment of 80% student is tall canal, president or vice-president, and the EMBA student of Tsinghua be in charge of 55% above are company president or CEO as much.

Publish recently " manual of top EMBA course " one book says, current China already had project of 50 many EMBA. This guideline still says, share tall valve of more than 6000 companies to sign up attended these to study a project.
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