Chinese EMBA charm is in - - harmonious and relaxed
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Chinese EMBA charm is in - - harmonious and relaxed

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In the study result of Europe EMBA student

Average age is in Chinese EMBA student 37~40 year old between, this is the intermediate dot of life. If life is the word of an athletics match, the more intense competition jumps over the field in need to rest

And many encourage annals and conduct propaganda make the Chinese is used to the ambition oneself to be decided exorbitantly, make many entrepreneur and duty already manage

The person is immersed in " what cannot bear in life is heavy " in condition

Recently Shanghai " the first finance and economics " channel invites me to do " brains storm " the news analyst of the column, in the value facet with discuss a business school to which can offer for the student the most important at 2 o'clock, the Zhang Wei of institute of government of the Zhang Weijiong that I do not have business school of work of international of the Europe in resembling, Beijing University brilliance is greeted, the United States Warton the Schmittlein3 of the business school assistant dean is written in that way " extend thinking " , " enhance technical ability " , write however went up " mix easily relaxed " .

What is their general character demand?

Business school deans treat EMBA student as oneself " enterprise " " product " come look upon, him hope " product " through two years " rework production is periodic " achieve a few kinds of effect. And my criterion is an EMBA student regard a business school as " client " . Demand decides to exist, chinese EMBA teachs fashionable whole nation, because the business school was satisfied,be certainly " client " demand. Demand has varied, and now, chinese entrepreneur and tall canal people the demand of general character is relaxed with harmony. Does excuse me Tang Moxin lack thinking to extend capacity? Either, it is him instead the desire is too strong, extend too fast, overbalance, appear " short board " , bring about failure; does Yuan Bao 璟 lack the skill that governs a company? Either, what he lacks is harmonious state of mind, family property one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight still employ homicide person, people on one's own side of as a result head be born; does Mou Jizhong lack innovation capacity? Either, however his innovation is too new, lose contact with reality; The Peng Zunyi of green Pi, go up does Wang Junyao of tycoon of the Fang Hong of steam, Zhejiang lack a mission to feel? Either, it is their mission feels too strong instead, pressure is too great, those who lack is relaxed... if heavy shipowner holds a person too much, to turn over basically is speed too fast, the person that drown can swim mostly, this also is the phenomenon that at present Chinese enterprise exists generally, main show is blind pursuit short-term profit, beg beg greatly fast, disregard quality and management risk, overconfident to the ability of oneself, ignored external economy law thereby. In Chinese reforming and opening at the beginning of, a lot of successful China companies used the relation that reachs a bank with the government, sufficient on land and loan " search hire " , rely on dimensions, speed, violate plan score a success. Now, china joined WTO, governmental regulation is made more and more transparent. In how participating in economic globalization to in how participating in economic globalization, come? How to get used to each economic levels to be in the acuteness change that produce? Chinese entrepreneur and tall canal people manage upstart period personally on one hand, face more intense competition again on the other hand, be perplexed by desire, pressure, alluring, nervous, tired out place all over.
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