And big EMBA attend a lecture is written down " economic theory and Chinese deve
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And big EMBA attend a lecture is written down " economic theory and Chinese development practice "

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16 5 in plenary meeting studies " 915 " program, involved the square respect area of our country economy and social progress. The problem of a lot of heat in the economy such as the normative problem that compose builds market of problem of new rural area of socialism of harmonious society, construction, energy, estate and social life, we pay close attention to jointly. The student of 05 class EMBA began on June 8 successive 4 days " economic theory and Chinese development practice " curricular study.

The person of give a lecture of this course is director of institute of economy of Chinese urban and rural construction, economy of urban and rural construction fastens graduate school of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences director, chen Huai teachs adviser of doctoral student of Chinese people college. Chen Huai is taught with " academic deep administrative levels, the foremost edge of practice " to direct, of explain the profound things in a simple way told about " Chinese structure strategy " " Chinese resource strategy " " Chinese area strategy " " strategy of Chinese obtain employment " " Chinese development target and overall strategy " " economic system is reformed " wait for content. And " compose builds harmonious society " " oil price rises " " country 6 " the problem that waits for care of nowadays society common people and student people undertook communication discussion.

Chen Huai teachs broad and profound knowledge, deep academic strength, explain incisively, and the station examined current economic phenomenon to bring student in new point of view people new inspiration, make student people in macroscopical went up to have to environment of Chinese economy history and economy further understanding.