EMBA attend a lecture writes down " new strategy manages "
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EMBA attend a lecture writes down " new strategy manages "

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"Economist also ' 3 tell ' " , " be asleep, playing to be worn than the station, sitting more make money " , " of 0 cost expand type is exchanged " ... these seeing be like be contrary to the viewpoint that often manages student of huge is exciting 05 class EMBA people brains. Rise from April 20 successive 4 days " new strategy manages " course brought storm of a brains to EMBA student.

Person of curricular give a lecture is researcher of institute of economy of industry of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, adviser of professor of graduate school of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, doctoral student " Chinese industry economy " magazine company president, subeditor, naval vessel of Li Hai of special and subsidiary expert teachs the State Council. Him with innovation concept and distinctive thought, great pounded student people inherent idea and thinking are decided situation, be in for everybody brand-new development of business of company fixed position, program was known to offer a kind of new thinking afresh below socioeconomy setting.

Humorous and the example of vivid full and accurate, humor language, explained contemporary fortune to create the marrow of mechanism revolution afresh, put forward from play competition to arrive enjoy collaboration, play actual strength to arrive play the decathlon such as regulation contemporary company system changes a fundamental, origin of mode of the constituent form of contemporary company, product, profit, capital is managed, the respect such as system arrangement undertakes concrete analysis is discussed, especially Professor Li administers convention of concept mix China with contemporary strategy the new perspective of classical philosophy thought will watch build according to company culture compose, make a person find everything new and fresh really. The problem that in also running practice with respect to oneself in succession, EMBA classmates encounter begins active communication with Professor Li, classroom atmosphere is very enthusiastic.