The EMBA after term begins makes game first (graph)
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The EMBA after term begins makes game first (graph)

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The classroom of EMBA resembles game, also condense the trade war of edition like

A few days ago, each college EMBA terms begins in succession, this so-called " China's highest education " tuition leaves again go up. This year, tuition of Tsinghua university EMBA already became 290 thousand yuan, went up 40 thousand yuan. A few otherer the tuition of the school also rises in succession. EMBA average educational system two years, every months of concentration attends class 4 days. If according to 290 thousand yuan of tuition class hour of 80 days is calculated, tuition of a day is 3625 yuan! A few days ago, the reporter walks into EMBA classroom, experienced this never opens to the outside world personally " the highest education " . First class makes game namely

What the reporter comes is the EMBA classroom that institute of government of Tsinghua university economy opens, this is this period the first class on student place. The place that attend class is to be in Beijing suburb restaurant of hot spring of green jade brook. The face has beverage, mug-up, fruit and snacks outside the classroom. The reporter saw the cashew that price does not poor in these snacks.

This is a spot experience class, class hour is two days, also be EMBA " intelligence breaks ice " class. The chief of this course says, this tax system resembles a game, also be one condenses the trade war of edition, the main link that industrial and commercial managing can be in course reflect somewhat, the student can is opposite in participate in each link undertake comprehensive self-check, understand the overall frame that EMBA teachs quickly.

170 students are become 5 groups by cent, call earth of extreme misery of the wood that it is gold 5 heavenly bodies respectively, each heavenly body divides a few again in group. Panel member wants those who pass two days of altogether 6 times to discuss, the errand that the teacher that finish explains -- the market that 3 kinds of products want to sell 3 to differ. The task of every group is to make investment plan, wait to product price. Every discuss the student to represent a quarter, if a few groups are in same a market is devoted existing competition concerns. Final, by professional software basis each groups decision-making will decide ultimate success or failure. In each groups in, students act different role temporarily: CEO, financial manager, market manager. The female attends class majority becomes a leader

The female in EMBA student is very little. Reporter discovery, in this 170 the individual's classrooms, the schoolgirl has 10 to come only.
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