MBA graduate manages a talent to still have larger space from maturity
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MBA graduate manages a talent to still have larger space from maturity

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: “ read MBA, my yearly salary still is not worth 80 thousand yuan, this number also can be taken before actually I was not read. The graduate Huang Kun of 2006 MBA class tells ” Beijing some college the reporter so, he is in some civilian battalion enterprise to hold the position of market manager at present, be inferior to as a result of the job meaning, friends often speak he, saying him is “ plating a suit gold, discover the ” that does not have know all about the goods however.

According to Introduction Huang Kun, the as same as his circumstances MBA graduate in the enterprise is absent a few, so, what reason be is the income that created MBA graduate like person meaning very much? According to east limited company of resources of intelligent rich manpower releases " investigation report of Chinese MBA current situation " show, MBA graduate is in the majority in what basic level and middle-level administrator hold the position of in the enterprise, occupy 69.81% ; Assume high-level management responsibility and business what highest and decision-making leader occupies scale to be only 19.43% . And the core member that numerous MBA graduate did not become a company, did not take the salary that expects to oneself, main reason is the arrangement that their ability and level did not reach company expectation, requirement, they leave “ mature to manage a talent to still have bigger distance ” , the tall canal of some company thinks so.

The enterprise thinks the MBA of 85.94% can achieve working requirement, but outstanding scale is 0

2006, liu Le graduates from Ban Gang of some college MBA before long, because be in charge of a new project,brought benefit to the company, be promoted to be sectional manager, walked up to run station. “ opportunity comes too quickly it seems that, though this paragraph of time gave many effort, but appear or feel some are disturbed, want to be in charge of to a branch, I feel I am very blank, where is the dominant position that does not know oneself. What should the person on an administration level do? Be to arrange the job? Still hold way? ” Liu Le feels insufficient self-confidence.

Ms. Yang Jie tells general manager of limited company of development of Beijing Feng Pei science and technology the reporter, she is MBA just was read inside when arisen MBA is taught, no matter be,the adviser returns “ at that time is student, a thing with regard study as very important, and graduate of present a lot of MBA seems to pay attention to development more human relation, put the intellectual level that raises oneself in backseat. I ever also had employed a few MBA are graduate, the operating conditions that feels them is spent not deal with concrete matters relating to work, and also cannot make me satisfied on the executive force to leading an opinion. ”
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