Desk of mountain Na Yuan the 3rd period - bazaar and battlefield
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Desk of mountain Na Yuan the 3rd period - bazaar and battlefield

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Late on May 26, salon of delibrate of desk of Na Yuan of the 3rd period mountain is held in the hall austral mountain, deputy warden of area of lake of dragon of head of Professor Chu Xiaoping, Shan Mr Luo Xiaoqin, classics fills management to seek advice from firm chief partner observer of military affairs of foliaceous Mr 芃, U.N. , " Su Yu of Chang Sheng's general " author Liu. More than 50 EMBA student and social elite participated in this second activity.

The theme of this second activity is " bazaar and battlefield " , honored guest and audience undertake be discussinged deep from grandchildren strategics and martial side in the light of this problem.

Professor Chu Xiaoping thinks, although strategics is most the law of tactics, but what grandchildren strategics tells world is " path " , should pass 20 years of arms collect warden thinks, martial management applies in the enterprise extensive, especially the case of a few military affairses, his spot points out below field pulled fragrant group president Mr Wu Guiqian to lift draw fragrant circle how " the country surrounds a city " case. Be engaged in managing foliaceous Mr 芃 of advisory job all the year round, take out a case that refers recently, how the specification uses a war manage an ideology and do not make an enterprise arbitrary, self-willed. Mr Liu Jianzhong takes out the administrative provision of U.N. to explain to everybody, the army of U.N. manages mode, how to undertake standardizing operating.

But the honored guest's opinion is not the unanimous approval that receives all participator, EMBA student undertakes contradictory to the honored guest's viewpoint on the spot, occasion discussion warms up for a time, cross verbal swords of honored guest audience, refuse to give up. As teacher laugh weighs discussion compere Chu Xiaoping: "The seminar is dare audience fights a honored guest, need this kind of effect. Need this kind of effect..