Cui Baojin: The influence of EMBA is potential
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Cui Baojin: The influence of EMBA is potential

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29 years old are held the position of appear on the market company Zheng Baiwen (triplex firm) general manager, ever represented triplex group deepness participates in sensation temporarily Zheng Baiwen recombines case. Left 2005 triplex found Shandong is long couplet electric equipment expands limited company, assume president. Europe international is versed in business school EMBA graduates in.

On December 9, jinan hall of a coffee, reporter and Cui nurture Jin are opposite and sit. "Why do you know I am chosen be here? " Cui Baojin says, "A few classmates of the Europe in us open this cafe, return hall of the Europe in a room cries, classmates often meet here " . Apparent, cui Baojin has a kind of special feeling to here.

Cui Baojin once was Shandong business circles is famous " little handsome " -- 29 years old are become famous appear on the market company Zheng Baiwen (triplex firm) general manager, it is Zheng Baiwen recombines the core participator of the case. 2001, triplex the Cui Baojin that home appliance holds the position of general manager once had on the idea of EMBA, but, the age of enter a school that the regulation at that time is EMBA must be in 30 years old of above, 28 years old at that time Cui Baojin is forced give u. 2003, year full the Cui Baojin of 30 achieves what one wishes business school of work of international of the Europe in was being entered is read had EMBA course. In September 2005, cui Baojin from which Europe graduates, and right now, his identity also produced change: He chose to leave triplex, do poineering work with a flock of associate, current capacity is Shandong long couplet electric equipment recruits limited company president. This matter ever caused the intense attention inside course of study.

Cui Baojin is graduated from Shandong economy institute, in very long period of time, cui Dou is regarded the crackajack alumnus of this school and by high-key conduct propaganda. 1995, after Cui Baojin graduates, be allocated triplex commercial company, made a common and financial staff. According to general view, in handling process of Wu of numerous bequeath Zhang, "His thinking is not stay on financial work only, analyse an enterprise to manage however from financial angle, the angle look upon that manages from the enterprise again is financial, hold the substance of the problem in the round thereby, find out the way that solves a problem " , show itself accordingly, after two years with respect to assistant manager of department of preferment finance affairs.

After this is held the position of again triplex the most important management department is triplex assistant of firm general manager holds financial department manager concurrently, during this, the firm begins early to popularize accountant report to calculate in Shandong change, and the major that this is university of Cui nurture Jin, he calculates in promotion accountant report change respect expression to highlight, preferment firm vise general manager. He has in ERP and respect of electronic business affairs make a contribution after this more quite, till hold the position of triplex the general manager of home appliance, right now Cui Baojin year only 28 years old.
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