Visit of delegacy of Swiss Australia EMBA hands in Daantai
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Visit of delegacy of Swiss Australia EMBA hands in Daantai

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Came on April 2, 2006 on April 9, by Buddhist nun of Swiss uncle Er director of project of industrial university EBBA/EMBA/DBA Professor AlexanderJungmeister heads a group, combine Australian CharlesSturtUniversityEMBA item, the visit that a 42 EMBA student had by a definite date 7 days in Shanghai traffic university inspects an activity.

Inside the time of a week, their listen respectfully lecture of 5 special subject. The professor such as the Qin Xiangdong that hands in the old economy that install peaceful and administrative institute, Jin Wei, Fei Yiwen, Ren Jianbiao, Huang Guoxiang, develop the respect all along such as foreground to visited student to make comprehensive introduction from economy of macroscopical economic situation, security market, international trade, operation management, China and society respectively.

The splendid speech of professors got student people warm reception. The teachers and students on classroom discusses, atmosphere is very enthusiastic. EMBA student people have strong interest to China, wait for active query with respect to economy, national condition not only, still discussed Chinese custom, climate with teachers, even love view.

EMBA delegacy still visited Xi Menzi telecommunication of turbogenerator company, Daokangning, Andrew, bright base the enterprise such as computer. Through making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, strengthened the understanding that develops to China and Shanghai intuitionisticly further,

Be in especially bright base company, this China enterprise gives EMBA student people the impression that left profundity.

The visit of brief a week, come from Switzerland and Australia teachers and students of two school EMBA, experience China personally especially the tremendous progress of Shanghai; Bilateral not only the administrative experience that communicated disparate industry; And still build a study and communication bridge between both sides.