The number that beautiful Ou Gong reads EMBA degree is in increase sharply
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The number that beautiful Ou Gong reads EMBA degree is in increase sharply

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In recent years, assiduously study EMBA (senior administrator is industrial and commercial administrative Master) the number increase sharply of degree, a lot of business schools express to welcome to this. Linen Hoffman of vice director of course of EMBA of London business school thinks, this kind of change is active, "With respect to some kind of meaning character, this kind of increase sharply is an auspicious message. We should make the market realizes the value of EMBA, the top business school that offers EMBA course has been jumped over more more. The top business school that offers EMBA course has been jumped over more more..

The increase sharply of EMBA degree amount appears at Europe not only. This year, again 7 new business schools enter England " financial times " pop chart of global EMBA course, among them the business school of college of Kang Nai Er of the business school of Singapore state-maintaineding college that the most conspicuous is an Asia and North America.

EMBA is in add MBA to be in fall

The full-time course appearance that visits loudly with high standards is compared, in MBA world is being regarded as on EMBA tradition " Cinderella " -- , the American name school such as Ha Fo university, Stanford university and MIT, still did not offer the course of the person that these are aimed at pluralistic attend school. However factual proof, EMBA is reaching its employer in student Sino-Japanese beneficial fashionable, and bring more and more profit to the business school.

When whole world of full-time MBA market glides, several have the applicant of EMBA course to increase apparently. For example, ted Sinaideer of dean of Chicago college business school points out, the advisory amount that this school accepts this year is more than last year 50% , application and the number of the enter a school that register also increase somewhat. This year, this courtyard is in Chicago, Singapore and London 3 campuses recruited 267 EMBA student in all, this one word last year is 244.

Colombian college business school also encounters similar case, the EMBA course controller of this institute points out, the application number this year increased 7% , the schoolgirl measure that applies new York course especially increases somewhat, from last year 25% rise to 34% this year.

Choosing course is crucial

Many schools resemble Colombian business school same, offerred the EMBA course of type of two kinds of above. To picking the manager of EMBA course or company character, one of the biggest questions, not be business school of place of the where on the choice merely, choose to learn which course however, just be to should pay how many cash next. The challenge that the business school faces, it is to want clarity to distinguish its education product. Had hit in the market spelled longer even business school 10 years, already had detailed market strategy.
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