"Does classmate consequence " urge hot EMBA class?
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"Does classmate consequence " urge hot EMBA class?

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This Spring Festival, yin Li crosses president of limited company of engineering of biology of Qingdao ocean century is not very relaxed.

2005, although the business of the company is in,grow steadily, the marine biology health care that company place develops tastes a brand " Ou Canbao " be born 4 years to be obtained 3 years continuously " Qingdao city consumer is at ease satisfactory product " title, it is certain to also had in the sporting world famous degree, but this just also became " Ou Canbao " the confine that development expands: Sporting world of be confined to, famous degree also be confined to a few finite cities.

This year is this life year Yin Li hopes the situation of the company is improved somewhat. His hope is analysed afresh and him conformity concerns in business and person arteries and veins the resource that go up, hope to a time examines his philosophy and career view afresh even, with this him precipitation, find out the way that oneself and a company development expand. College graduate is close already 14 years, he hopes to walk into an university again, thought of to read EMBA then. He chose finally in business school of Europe international work, should spend tuition for this 27. 50 thousand yuan.

EMBA class, the accumulative ground of business circles elite

What him Yin Li also did not think of the likelihood is, from now on, he was walked into cover on one build have " halo " group.

Mention EMBA, the word that a lot of people think of is " manager club " , " luxurious homecoming " , " wealthy person club " wait.

Tsinghua university economy manages the website of academic EMBA center to go up, listed of student form: The student of 58 % is president or general manager, vise general manager occupies 26 % , governmental official occupies 4 % , middle-level controller also occupied 12 % . On the website of center of EMBA of business school of the Yangtse River, before also listing 7 period of student form: The student of 64 % is president or general manager, vise general manager is 18 % , governmental official is 9 % , chief inspector, director also occupies 9 % .

The reporter notices, in EMBA of each business school in forming, the scale of governmental official has ascendant tendency. Xinhua News Agency also reported recently, go up in a Ban Yi type of an EMBA of Huhhot city, the scale in student occupies the cadre of party card leader of class of city, county 3 into the left and right sides. And, enter the study of EMBA, a kind when in the whole nation a lot of places already became a cadre " vogue " .

For convenient student " person arteries and veins " of resource accumulate, each business school established homecoming or club. The reporter understands, center of EMBA of institute of government of Tsinghua university economy already was in and other places of Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hunan establishs homecoming, homecoming chairman is the person that place has proper name and appeal power.
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