"EMBA student " because of why blubber
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"EMBA student " because of why blubber

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Media of much recently home reports, in the class of course of EMBA of talent baby cheeper that is established in Shanghai banking division, 3 - 6 years old of children between come up against the course with the too difficult content such as economy, transmission, cry to shout in classroom go to the ground seeking mother.

We are hep, in the attend in a advanced studies in EMBA class, it is senior management person with ability more. The children before giving school age offers the EMBA course that agrees with direction of adult MBA education, this is a bit absurd, also have be most willing to of 1500 pairs of parents however " send into earthen jar " . Although the E of here EMBA, express Early only (early) meaning, but parents still do not resist temptation. Seem to had gone up only this class, the ability after children is grown sits run quickly, open BMW. Everybody believes this each calls the preschool education that comes from American Denver the orgnaization, if believe,ever enjoyed great reputation " hundred years Europe is in charge of " .

The person that do a class says, what fly 12 course such as maths, science, economics, can develop 6 kinds of ability of the child. It is this lets a person do only not clear, 3 - 6 years old learned course of industrial and commercial management, be about to learn how to become a president after 6 years old, on such as " enter into an election contest politic " kind course? The children before school age must learn 12 course, how many class should attend again after that is talent enough?

Our country has an old allegory, cry " spoil things by excessive enthusiasm " ; I often also see young father and mother in the bookshop, serious ground browses preschool education learns and cheeper psychology book. But, why to return somebody to taking remnant of the place after still be borrowed and seeing a doctor not to have much saving, pulling the child puerile little hand is mad drive, go this class does that class make up a missed lesson?

Gentleman disappears, after education becomes an industry, in head of how many person video, focusing becomes one party pocket of the parent. Had sufferred the white-collars of higher education, connect regrettablly " more haste,less speed " the truth also forgot. Moneybag damage issue is small, frighten the child croakily, contused from now on their curious desire, that loss but big, it is to think ancient bronze mirror.