5 big MBA for reference strategy aids your couplet to take an examination of gre
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5 big MBA for reference strategy aids your couplet to take an examination of great victory

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: MBA couplet took an examination of shortly 2008, to extensive candidate for an entrance examination, everybody cares a such problems very much: After the decision that makes MBA matriculation reform in Ministry of Education, how can just begin MBA to should try preparation better, study oneself ideal result, achieve the goal of get twice the result with half the effort?

This one problem talks about my put up with under a few the individual's views, the hope can pass couplet smoothly to take an examination of for examinee and do good second-round exam to prepare to provide a few helps.

The first, formulate should try preparative plan.

This MBA matriculation reforms one of serious content is first try course by political theory, English, integrated ability, management 4 instead English, integrated ability 2, the audition in course of the main content in the political theory course in original first try, management course, English will be put in second-round exam link to give assessment. To most examinee, this kind of change should be a favour, the assessment content aggrandizement that they can differ according to phase of first try, second-round exam is different of level should try preparative key, corresponding ground eased the pressure that first try prepares. But even if is such, if examinee fails before couplet is taken an examination of,formulate makes clear should try preparative plan, bring about sex of systematization of the lack in reviewing a process, plan very easily, draw near the ability when the exam discovers time is used not quite, a lot of this reviewed content had been not reviewed well, brash go into battle, nature of achievement of couplet take an examination ofing is not good. the examinee that the class coachs before to a lot of attending MBA is taken an examination of especially, what easy nurturance depends on is inert, passive attendant learns, this kind of phenomenon is more common, be worth to cause take seriously. Accordingly, examinee is necessary the individual characteristic according to oneself, formulate drill makes a gender stronger should try preparation to plan, specific different time paragraph review what key and need achieve to review the result, do not break those who contrast to these requirements are checked and adjust oneself to revise plan.

The 2nd, hold the key that should try preparation.

After MBA matriculation is reformed, 2 scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet take an examination of the specific exam content of course to also have the change of certain level, for instance, english cancelled the special assessment of antonym law, increased the strength that examines to the vocabulary, be over form fill a vacancy also increases by 10 original minutes, the length of the article lengthens, difficulty is increased somewhat; In integrated ability exam, the assessment that manages knowledge can be reflected somewhat in writing, maths decreases by 90 original minutes, the intellectual dot of place check decreases somewhat, check of integral performance force is strengthened greatly. Examinee should hold new exam outline, understand and suit similar such change, review a key to make corresponding arrangement to his. Take an examination of the drawing near of date as couplet, of examinee review a key to also should prepare to plan change to the key from the system stage by stage. On one hand, to concerning the content of the exam, examinee should not allot time on average, and energy should be thrown more on the weak point in oneself, such ability gain higher actual profit; On the other hand, should strengthen the training of the skill that solve a problem, increase the frequency that imitate practices, get used to examination room atmosphere. Be worth what carry is, imitate practices must finding out whole, coherent time, undertake in the environment that does not suffer interference, the time that place of outline of exam of strict comply with offers asks, such ability achieve the result of be personally on the scene, achieve the goal of “ training ” .
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