2009MBA fors reference the MBA brief introduction of the strategy
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2009MBA fors reference the MBA brief introduction of the strategy

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MBA is (the English abbreviate of Master Of Business Administration) , chinese calls industrial and commercial managing the Master. MBA is the child of market economy, the person that support of the people of manager of the administrator that of education is high quality, profession does poineering work.

MBA degree is one kind is paid attention to compound model, integrated model the degree that the talent fosters, it is the degree that knowledge of ability education overweight imparts. Of its professor is the “ management ” that faces actual combat, is not to pay attention to the “ management of research to learn ” , the education overweight theory of skill and thinking analyses ability. It asks its graduate has certain practice experience and administrative experience (ability of meet an emergency, forecast the) such as ability, integrated ability, organization capacity.

Its course content involves government kind, economics kind, finance, financial, law is waited a moment, ability trains not only ability of exquisite organization, leadership, also involve the ability that plans ability, judgement and processing issue for the communication ability that rely on, carry with eloquence to wait a moment.

MBA is one has working experience the following degree, in reality, it is regarded as by a lot of people the accelerator of a career after already having experience of 3 years of professions or changeover method, raise duty and the measure that find new job namely. And the study of MBA also can be opposite this to produce very good help effect greatly.

The lowermost study deadline of MBA is full-time 2 years or 3 years on-the-job study.

Say strictly, graduate student cent is Master graduate student and doctoral graduate student. Graduate student of Master of pass an entrance examination needs to study foreign language, politics, integrated subject commonly (major differs and differ according to entering oneself for an examination) with professional class. And take an examination of a doctor not to need to take an examination of politics.