What is MBA after all, of a MBA contemplative
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What is MBA after all, of a MBA contemplative

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: The English abbreviate of MBA (Master Of Business Administration) , chinese calls industrial and commercial managing the Master. MBA is the child of market economy, the person that support of the people of manager of the administrator that of education is high quality, profession does poineering work. See here we can think of we can become a governor, can win high pay, what is but we had not studied MBA,he after all? How should we go look upon MBA?

MBA is screen mesh, it is carve jade machine

Somebody may think, the student that reads MBA is the career has, official career achieve one's ambition person. Actually just contrary, the newspaper reads the student of MBA, even if the student that the newspaper reads MBA of world famous brand (EMBA student except) , big when enter a school old Jishang is light, still not be on official career very achieve one's ambition. It is good that some people learn to be not place because of former major, hope book is worn read MBA and turn row. In short, enter oneself for an examination the examinee of MBA is dragon snake jumbly, below sanded mud all. MBA school is when recruit students, wait for a program through written examination, interview, the gift that can make is singled out in all living things, pass MBA course consider, let uncut jade be become eventually big implement. Say so, MBA is screen mesh, it is carve jade machine.

MBA is standard of a kind of behavior

MBA is standard of a kind of behavior, it is a kind of behavior standard that is agreed with generally by commercial society. Go to work or date with the person you can because of be block a car up and late? Can you hit cravat to walk into the office building of the company? Can you wear the shirt that there is iron to go to work? The rock when are you working to boss report your leg? Can you let the voice that the person hears you are masticatory when dining together with the client? Is the job that can you give you boss protracted one day a long time?

An eligible MBA is met to above these problems say “ stoutly won't ” . The behavior standard of commercial society is very trifling perhaps, very dull even, the businessmen that are great majority success however abide by self-consciously, be in especially international commerce society.

MBA is manner of a kind of life

If you very the good-paying that the MBA white-collars that envy those successes are taking, you might as well ask oneself first, every week how much is the longest working hours that can you accept? 40 hours? 50 hours? Be still 60 hours? (our country most unit is weekly now working hours is 35 hours about. ) contrasting next outstanding MBA people working hours. The MBA that consults a company first-rate at the world in American service people work more than 80 hours every week; Serve the MBA at orgnaization of top class finance people weekly job exceeds 100 hours. What concept is this? This is equivalent to doing not have on the weekend, to the week from on Monday 7 every Nature's engineering make 15 hours.
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