The study method that 2009MBA fors reference
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The study method that 2009MBA fors reference

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Maths reviews me is cent is a foundation, rise, aggrandizement, imitate 4 phase. Fundamental phase reads mechanic edition teaching material, of course some look not to understand, a lot of problems also won't be done () of a half moon. Raise level to coach for union of mechanic edition teaching material class course, this one phase basically it is clear that mechanic edition teaching material is done () of a half moon. Aggrandizement phase to coach class course is mixed teaching materials, should say this one phases ended to take an examination to be no problem () of a month. Imitate phase basically is every two days make an imitate inscribe, mix to the mechanic edition teaching material previously coach the problem that class data makes a fault is emphasized look, basically be to make a problem summarize a problem repeatedly method, give a problem to check a place () of a month. Maths must notice to sum up more, 3 problems do problem of not consistent path 3 times.

(2) . Chinese

Must listen coach the course of the class, because prove effectiveness analysis not to take care likely a catch question, chinese pulls component very big. But also cannot invest too much time, suggest every composition autotypes instead, wrote the front to keep the back, can change each other between stable-companion.

(3) . Logistic

Logistic I was October the bottom just begins to read a book, did not read teaching material, the problem that just gets on the book was done, the fault is gotten much paragraphic read a book. Actually the most useful to making a problem is “ sufficient requirement ” that one, other is paragraphic not was necessary to look in detail.

My individual thinks logic follows maths same, must notice to sum up more, 3 problems do problem of not consistent path 3 times. Make complex problem want thresh especially. Additionally the exam of calendar year is inscribed really also must thresh, because a lot of problem is,come from calendar year examination questions. What logic suggests the problem is not done is too much, the key is to should get each problem that knows you to do, the possibility that because be taken an examination of now,goes up to be inscribed formerly is too little. Time must be dominated when becoming a problem additionally.

(4) . English

Lexical book suggests enough, and want little, I am the vocabulary that gets on mechanic edition tears down came, look every day, when taking a car, also look.

Read understanding I am those who chose Cao Jijun read 100. Suggest 50 essence become the head, every two days one, when just beginning to do anyway each I have 20 to be not known to 30 words, do to want two hours left and right sides. Slowly decrease to be controlled to a few 10 with respect to each new word. 50 sit also with respect to 3 months time, 50 when remain half month finishs, everyday 4. 100 of the Laocao before I for reference had not finished, before finishing 50 of old Cao Shui forred reference to be no problem.
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