Sprint of 9 years of MBA for reference whole strategy
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Sprint of 9 years of MBA for reference whole strategy

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The focal point that takes fraction is to read, writing and interpreter. The exercise when suggesting those English foundations compare poor examinee to make the same score wants to be given priority to with con, read 3 two articles everyday, a few righter long sentence difficult sentence undertake thorough analysis, the expressive means of a few good illustrative sentence become reconciled should be carried on the back, also have profit to writing and interpreter so; Again proper on this foundation arrangement a few read quickly, general con and the scale that read quickly are 1: 2. As to writing, use simple vocabulary and sentence pattern as far as possible, because writing includes a translation, the way that gives cent is to buckle cent model, answer fault and imperfect, will go up at minute o'clock in this deduct the cent cost that goes making mistake. The level learns in be being used so but wrong leakage writes the article that come out lesser, and with 4 grade level but wrong leakage is more write the article that come out, former mark may be a few higher.


Basically check a middle school this year count first, next year the likelihood should restore the check of pair of high number, because the likelihood is the last time this this year,take an examination of the opportunity that counts first only. This year besides elementary algebra, plane geometry, added the content of stereo analytic geometry. Because take an examination of a dot to disperse quite, no longer give uncecessary details. Impose a practice more, be good at Baconian summary is successful key.


In the exam 70% the left and right sides is argumentation logic, 30% ability are formal logic, and the examination questions of logistic trap gives the customary thinking in the life and the brim region that intersect logically, should review in order to prove what logistic thinking drives whole logic so.

Chinese writing

Include common argumentative writing and argumentation effectiveness to analyse two style. Former key is the exercise that composes mode, latter is the logistic analysis to material and writing expression, from the angle of the exam, much exercise composes mode to be able to improve the efficiency of writing greatly.

For reference guideline

Bottom and next year will welcome MBA examination in January this year in October, the distinction of both depends on former for on-the-job class, issue degree card and do not have card of record of formal schooling, and latter need is taken an examination of through countrywide couplet, cent is full-time class and on-the-job class, issue double card. As we have learned, took an examination of 2008 in grinding, MBA enters oneself for an examination the number is 52000 people, entered oneself for an examination 2009 the number predicts to continue to grow 20% , competition is very intense. The exam October enters sprint phase, couplet was taken an examination of in January also shortly, how to prepare ability to pass an exam smoothly?
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