MBA entered oneself for an examination 2009 5 big notes
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MBA entered oneself for an examination 2009 5 big notes

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: MBA couplet is taken an examination of is to the administrative person with ability of experience fosters choose sex to take an exam, grind with general different is MBA does not need you direct PK drops a competitor to just can win out, the more in the competition in MBA is comprehensive strength than going all out. But the problem depends on, your competitor is spread all over in the whole nation. Of MBA enter oneself for an examination heat year after year rises, how do you judge someone else by right of the force of a person real actual strength. Renown school clue wanders in our heart old, a lot of people hope to finish oneself are in the wish that renown school reads. The candidate for an entrance examination that this urges the whole nation to have 30% enters oneself for an examination centrally the school of MBA recruit students of 10% . Examinee and recruit students school are put in the competition with intense move.

One, enter oneself for an examination number

Teach duty according to coming from MBA appoint statistical data shows, after MBA education slides from the fastigium 2002, 2003 and continuance glided 2004 trend, 2005, reached 2006 was in 2007 slow in rising. But the couplet January 2008 is taken an examination of show, the recruit students circumstance of MBA is very good, enter oneself for an examination the number is climbed litre. Countrywide MBA fact verified a number 2007 for 30100, rebound considerably this year, exam number is as high as 40174, amplitude achieves 28.8 % , become the major with the highest amplitude in all master's degree. Among them, of Beijing MBA enter oneself for an examination the number amounts to 10150 people about.

2, information of recruit students unit

2008, the whole nation shares 127 schools to recruit MBA examinee. Beijing area shares 19, nearly 1/6 what hold countrywide sum total. Shanghai area shares 9; This data is to the meaning of examinee: The amount of school of recruit students of MBA of a certain area represents the macroeconomic actual strength of this area, this and study MBA and development of the following profession direct and relevant. Choosing MBA is to learn some skill not just, plan morely what to consider to help somebody attain his aim for career of the following profession and life however.

3, couplet studies fractional line

Check branch tall, 8 years countrywide MBA exam is divided on average for 167 minutes, increased 6 minutes than last year. The basis assigns a rank on average, it is Shanghai hands in big, answer dawn, Tsinghua, Dalian respectively maritime with Xiamen university. Among them, shanghai makes great total success average 196.46 minutes, increase 7.76 minutes than last year, rank two years in school of all MBA recruit students continuously the first (countrywide average branch is 167.86 minutes) ; Examinee percent of pass ranks 127 MBA schools of countrywide the first.
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