The method of 3 kinds of teaching of MBA
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The method of 3 kinds of teaching of MBA

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MBA passes long-term education practice, had formed the education means that provides distinguishing feature alone. Here chooses case pedagogy, model to be like pedagogy and project pedagogy to undertake introductory only.

(Pedagogy of case of 1) case pedagogy is MBA education one of important methods. Yu Zhen of its draw materials' real management environment, use relation of similar origanization construction, personnel and time, manage similar resource obligation, competitive pressure, data and information, viewpoint of the strategy that trains a student, policy and the ability that handle an issue actually.

(2) imitate pedagogy it is to use technology of computer virtual reality, what application learns knowledge to be opposite the complex iformation flow in real business and enterprise and vicissitude of the market undertake imitate, make corresponding decision-making, achieve education student to solve the ability of real problem with this.

(3) project pedagogy it is form project group jointly by the school and enterprise, development is real, solving a problem while, learn and apply already some knowledge, in the forefront of practice education solves the ability of the problem.