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Ethical banking industry is outstanding delegate out Shenzhen
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In the steady progress period that 90 time end begins, action travel firm pays government, aggrandizement risk is controlled, those who realized asset quality is essential improve, accelerate development at the same time, executive brand sale, endured the concussion that Asian finance storm-zone comes to successfully;

Period develops in the internationalization since 2002, market of the capital outside enrolling a success to realize churchyard is issued appear on the market, strong thrust is adjusted into management strategy and run internationalization course, expand credit card business at once and acquire the market lead position.

Have oneself culture distinguishing feature

Domestic and international a person of same business is accepted, the bank that enrol business is a commercial bank that has him culture distinguishing feature.

Through 20 years accumulate and precipitate, action travel from go all out in work at first culture, consecratory culture expands stage by stage service culture, innovation culture, risk culture, management culture, enrol the company culture system that had formed relative system all right at present, preliminary establish accord with a times to development asks and enrol orientaton of the distant view cause with real travel, value and code of conduct. 2003, action travel invites center of check study of Beijing University business management to be adviser, the successful experience that draws lessons from domestic and international advanced company and the newest positive result that company culture theory studies, change those who had a system to diagnose to Zhao Yinwen with comb. 2004, established company culture center, increased the impetus that founds the job to company culture to spend, organize began 3 enterprises Cultural Festival. Gradually the culture enrolling silver with mature hasten, it is the culture of rich mission feeling and sense of responsibility, it is the culture that has strong market consciousness, it is the culture that is full of adj thinking, it is to pay attention to it is with the person this culture, it is the culture that emphasizes executive power particularly.

Brand value is climbed ceaselessly litre

The brand value of action travel is climbed continuously litre, it is agrarian battalion of this 20 years of pains is brought think the another results that be proud. 1989, enrol what put forward " of " credit, service, agile, innovation clearly all right to do a tenet, from embedded at the beginning the gene of the brand. Come 20 years, this are edge tool with product and service, it is a foundation with technology and management, it is a method with sale and conduct propaganda, it is motivation with concept and culture, unremitting ground catchs brand construction, obtain remarkable result, become one of banks with the accepted brand best image in course of study of Bank of China.

Pitch on is judged in authoritative medium and the of all kinds investigation that organize about the orgnaization, obtain China optimal and retail bank, China mainland is optimal bank, China optimal bank, China most 10 beautiful of the business that gets respect, 10 old brands that have China of social responsibility company, influence most, China appear on the market year of enterprise of surveyor's pole of consideration of client of company, China, CCTV 10 big optimal employer.
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