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Who comes to those who support business school source of student contend for the
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Who comes to those who support business school source of student contend for the argue that is actual strength

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The United States " times " Qiao Piao of · of magazine columnist Joshua says: MBA of project of admiral of “ mainstream business school achieves profit and loss merely the balance is not easy already, it is deficit operation more very. ”

Tower gram business school is the business school of before complete beauty is ranked 10. 2004 " round-the-world finance and economics " the reporter of the magazine once was located in to this the United States city of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth the institute of Mao Si city interviews Dutt, discovered a large number of startling data.

Tower gram is very small. When establishing 1900 only 4 students. To 2004, student number has 480 only, but in those days graduate has not graduated, however already by the whole world well-known company invite applications for a job one sky, average yearly salary 130 thousand dollar, the income tower above after graduate student of more average than the United States college graduates one times above.

Integrated computation comes down, the tower overcomes the cost that the student that is learning for every throws actually to be 100 thousand dollar about, and the student's tuition has 35 thousand dollar only however. Although this number comes to single student,say already very big, but from the institute character, the financing gap of 2/3 above appeared however in daily income and expenses. Of course, besides the formal education of the business school, the tower overcomes what still undertake is not degree to groom, this kind of project is gain, can make up for a tower to overcome the funds breach of 10% .

Calculate so come down, what is the origin of the funds breach that the tower overcomes a business school to be as high as 50% above? Dannuosi says, the half above of annual and daily expenses comes from the institute the contribution at alumnus, specific reflect to come from the contribution at private private perhaps orgnaization. For instance 2003, the alumnus that tower gram has 62% to alma mater contribution.

Conclusion is, alumnus fed tower gram.

Only only tower gram, from whole character, xiang Bing of dean of business school of the Yangtse River says to the reporter, “ abroad top class business school is not a purpose with gain, tuition is the one part that the business school runs cost merely. And skimpy share basically counts a company or the other way such as the support of contributory, fund of alumnus is made up for. ”

For instance, the Yangtse River is used at building case center and team of top class professor now, and the expenditure that keeps library of a world-class, be in every year millions dollar above. With the Yangtse River present tuition, cannot maintain at all run normally, project of EMBA, EDP also is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation only. Nevertheless, li Jiacheng serves as backing, the Yangtse River still can maintain its education to run.
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