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3 universities run mark new bureau EMBA aids small and medium sized business to
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3 universities run mark new bureau EMBA aids small and medium sized business to be in charge of promotion

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Singapore standard, productivity and innovation bureau (Spring) manages as national as Singapore university, southern Asia work college and collaboration of Singapore management university, the senior administrator that is this locality medium and small businesses rolls out business management to develop a plan (ManagementDevelop-mentProgramme, abbreviation MDP) , assist them to promotion is led and run ability.

Mark new bureau is in infuse will not plan for business management development inside 5 years 20 million yuan capital, institution of higher learning of 3 three-year institution of higher learning are in help countervail below plan of business management development, engineer and provide ad hoc committee senior administrator is industrial and commercial administrative Master course (ExecutiveMBA) and the cost that senior administrator develops course. The tuition with inferior hope of mark new bureau can encourage more medium and small businesses senior administrator shares this plan.

First when Li Yixian of minister of government affairs of trade the Ministry of Works in feudal China held in mark new bureau yesterday " SPRING company plenary meeting " go up, recommended this earlier when the new plan that by new preside of mark new bureau Yang Lie country offers.

Yang Lie country expressed when accepting our newspaper special report last year in December, in his eye, the problem that place of a lot of medium and small businesses face often is a boss middle-level of not strong, lack runs ability of single-handed accept a challenge, government, and the young generation that has gotten higher education does not wish to join again.

He thinks, if medium and small businesses and household company want abiding progress, get the way that moves toward major management finally. "We can be capital of their infuse more, but what they need finally truly is administrative layer groom. After improving the quality that governs a layer only, medium and small businesses just may attract a youth to join, otherwise the youth feels necessarily is to be between billow take time. Otherwise the youth feels necessarily is to be between billow take time..

Assist boss of medium and small businesses and senior officer to pick up textbook again, answering the knowledge that promotion management field levies on school is mark new bureau one of a major programme of lasting importance this year. The purpose that business management development plans to roll out depends on this.

The Yang Lie country that went to take up office on April 1 this year yesterday is first time the identity with chairman of mark new bureau, attended this open circumstance.
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