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Conversational farming endowment MBA: Chinese farming endowment the industry gro
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Conversational farming endowment MBA: Chinese farming endowment the industry grows a tendency (one)

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New first phase farming endowment MBA class flies a class again. Be in farming endowment him person in garden animal farm, of rain of storm of wind of all previous classics farming endowment person communicates and thinking, colliding with reason and wisdom.

Here, have old generation farming the reflection of endowment person and bewilderment, have more farming endowment the development of “ Neozoic ” and think of differentiate. Here, tradition farming endowment the enterprise of ” of ford of the first batch of “ that strides to diversity is in measurable between choosing. Here, the enterprise of shakedown ” begins the first batch of “ after unlocking the market set out. They are jointly on the journey of ” of “ unmanned person of the same trade, advance gradually goes gradually, extending the new thinking of traditional industry.

” of prophet of warm duck of water of “ Chun Jiang. They are industry elite, it is the enterprising that is brave in to develop more person, they are used personal bend forward the responsibility that explaining traditional industry all right, more with a kind distinctive perspective deduces move farming endowment of the industry brand-new connotation.

Conversational farming endowment elite

As home and international market unlock stage by stage, competitive limits and dimensions expand ceaselessly, competitive quality rises ceaselessly, competitive degree upgrades ceaselessly. Today, university of people of China of have the aid of and Zhejiang farming endowment the communication platform that group company builds jointly, with China farming endowment the elite of the industry speaks, around how to change make, farming endowment the industry should walk along diversity or specialization, and network construction, farming endowment cent sells the market, foreign capital to enter wait for problem communication view.

Be present have be built through the network and farming change a service to lead an industry the trend is brand-new the case of “ typical ” that develops level, also have from internal system innovation begins, walk along diversity to develop viatic “ to be not typical ” case. Although every enterprise has different characteristic, the conclusion that everybody reachs is consistent however: “ does not change make mean dead ” . Zhejiang is saved farming endowment group company takes industrial diversity way, accomplished its to be in provincial farming endowment the bibcock position in the enterprise, the way that develops with oneself explained this reason.

I special approval plain farming view: “ does not change make dead, but change make cannot solve all problem ” . Of abroad change demesne, commercialize degree very tall, the enterprise has all the same unripe have dead, have all the same go bankrupt and annex, change so making is condition of a premise, but change making is not the “ panacea ” with all-purpose potion. We also notice, as a result of farming endowment the changeability of the seasonal, policy of the regional, production of the industry is waited a moment, especially farming endowment the investment of the industry the profit “ with tall, small redound hangs ” to give a lot of farming endowment person brought new bewilderment.
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