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Ethical banking industry is outstanding delegate out Shenzhen
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A few days ago, action travel credit card the selected business school that breath out Buddha is classical case, ma Weihua of action travel president serves as speech honored guest to go to the United States on a special trip on invitation, the successful experience that introduces action travel credit card to the MBA student of haing Buddha business school.

In 500 brands that have value most in the China that world brand lab evaluated 2005, action travel ranks 24, judge appraisal to be worth more than 21 billion yuan. Enrol the brand image that promotes increasingly all right, last year H issue perfect recurrence gained in appearing on the market. Good brand image, enhanced the sense of pride of complete travel employee not only, and develop for the market provided active support.

The large stage with talent experienced all previous

Develop the bank enrolling business that rise quickly in intense market competition, it is financial talent all previous all the time drill and grow best arena.

In domestic banking, action travel took the lead in executing " cadre to be able to go up can fall, income can be high-energy low, employee can enter the " that can give " 6 can mechanism " , break lifelong make and iron an ancient folding chair, carry out a cadre to publish the system such as invite applications for a job and competitive mount guard. " standard holds to on talent appoint the fairness of open, measure, principle that evaluates just " , aggrandizement " can person on, the person that make the same score lets, the mechanism of choose and employ persons of the " below the person that need, do away with " to blame the conventions of " by " of endowment platoon generation and " demand perfection, bold promote, inside travel of put sb in a very important position outstanding talent, drive cadre troop specialization and young change.

Come 20 years, should develop a batch of business all right perfectness, style talent of the major of the admirable, dedication that respect property, development innovation banking, condensed a batch to already deep and academic accomplishment has rich practice experience again, can control already talent of the government that overall situation has professional strong point again banking. Up to now, in complete travel in more than 20 thousand employee, record of formal schooling of above of university undergraduate course takes an in part, record of formal schooling of graduate student above occupies 7 % .

Climate favourable geographical position accomplishs action travel

The bank that enrol business can be accomplished now brilliant, the times with its good at body, root is in external cause profit from a poineering fertile soil, internal cause is to condense two generation to enrolled the pedestrian's wisdom and painstaking effort to find a development way that suits his.

Enrol the period that be born all right and grows, just meet our country reforming and opening brought environment of favorable external economy banking. Since 1987, our country GDP and dweller can control income year all grow 9 % above, drive financial demand to grow increasingly from this; Commercialize orientaton to reform depth to advance, work up of market economic system, financial environment is progressively and normative. In the meantime, enrol the Shenzhen special zone that travel headquarters is in, regard the experiment of countrywide reforming and opening as cropland and arms of the person at the head of a procession, for this innovation development provided the comfortable environment of rare.
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