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Successful pass a test: MBA interview is complete guideline
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Successful pass a test: MBA interview is complete guideline

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Interview is a when enter MBA hall main door pits, each MBA fosters a school to take interview seriously very much, hope from numerous among the examinee that achieves written examination to admit fractional line, choose an outstanding candidate for an entrance examination that has education future, management to go to reach deep setting character to enter school study, buy variety for school add lustre to.

One, recognize interview situation, had made sufficient preparation

Circumstance of each school source of student has very big difference, divided 3 kinds roughly: The first kind is the first volunteer explode full, exceed top-ranking school for home more, be like university of Beijing University, Tsinghua, the classmate that gains interview competence admits a number more than greatly, interview falls into disuse rate be as high as 50% sometimes, and still have a share did not obtain line of this school interview, need of this part classmate is contacted actively the 2nd volunteer adjust.

The 2nd kind admits a number to comparative basically for the first volunteer eligible and school, sometimes somewhat surplus, its interview falls into disuse rate for 10% the left and right sides.

The 3rd kind plans to admit a number for school of short of of the first volunteer eligible, vacant even a lot of quota of people, can receive the 2nd volunteer. The 3rd kind in can divide again have very big difference, balance for 2 volunteer interview very small or without balance.

Face 3 kinds of afore-mentioned situations, big difference interview, little difference interview and without balance qualification interview, the difficult easy degree of interview is very different, examinee should notice to distinguish, have the preparation of sufficient psychological preparation and meet an emergency.

2, the basic content that interview prepares

Interview is general time is very short, individual interview is long won't exceed half hours, short criterion 10 minutes or so, collective interview also won't exceed 1 hour commonly, short criterion 30 minutes or so. The choice of means of each school interview is different, need makes different preparation.

To individual interview, need prepares 4 parts content: The first it is the self introduction to oneself, can literal draft preparation, oral allegation plans two kinds of kind, no matter which kinds of form needs cogitative, have an outstanding eloquence. The key is oneself the window in working life disentombs show come out, must not say running water Zhang. Pass window show the first impression with take an examination of Guan Yiliang good, generation is active head because of effect. Can be in indirect or this part is direct expression of the mind power that why wants you to learn MBA, lofty aspirations and great ideals comes out. This one part has main effect to admitting, can amount to 35% above.
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