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Ethical banking industry is outstanding delegate out Shenzhen
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Ethical banking industry is outstanding delegate out Shenzhen

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Construction Bank of the bank that enrol business moves toward world of the whole nation, trend 20 years from Shenzhen, banking of bound of ascend one's life experience 100 strong
This is a period that needs a hero, this also is an emerge in large numbers heroic times.

Days of 20 years, a what kind of miracle can you accomplish? Be born at Shenzhen, long the bank enrolling business at Shenzhen, the Guan Lizhi in oneself year, submitted exam paper of such an exclamatory making a person: In 20 years, action travel from slant at the outset corner of house Shenzhen Shekou, have the regional small bank of a gold of 100 million yuan of capital, business site and 36 employee only, development becomes total assets nearly 1 trillion yuan, orgnaization site 500 more than the home, employee 20 thousand more than person, have the national commercial bank of stronger dimensions and actual strength, before bound of ascend one's life experience 100 banks. In recent years, the main management index such as scale of income of profit margin of the total assets profit margin of action travel, capital of the capital stock return rate, venture that increase advantageous position, cost ranks domestic banking front row.

In 20 years, action travel dare be the world first, indefatigable exploration, reform with keen determination, system mechanism is perfect with each passing day, to boost system of our country banking reform makes positive contribution. Regard ethical finance as the crackajack delegate of course of study, the hot earth that the bank that enrol business does poineering work this piece in Shenzhen is born, move toward world of the whole nation, trend from Shenzhen, grow for banking the ginseng of numerous Xie Mao of a branch is extremely big tree.

Banking Wu is ceaseless with when all is entered

Antecedents of turn one's head, place of a few time is crucial to enrolling the development of travel:

Going up what 80 time end begins the century is difficult poineering period, compose of action travel effort built the first to be held by legal entity truly commercial bank, take the lead in open business of off shore banking, preliminary formed the " that has distinguishing feature alone to enrol silver-colored mode " ;

In the fast growing period of 90 time, action travel is preliminary formed the orgnaization network that is whole nation of center, radiate with Shenzhen, establish the informatization of " of " centralized management, unified program, uniform requirement, centralized system builds guiding ideology, innovation rolled out one cartoon, one net to connect wait for the financial product with higher content of a batch of technologies;
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