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Ethical banking industry is outstanding delegate out Shenzhen
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Action pedestrian thinks, good marketability, growing sex and stability, make should be entered all right gave a distinctive development contrail. See marketability first, as our country the first is held by legal entity completely share-holding system commercial bank, the one's previous experience that is not governmental setting facilitated to enrol a bright marketability, and feel for a long time in intense market competition climb boil dozen, brought up action travel stronger live get used to ability. This is action travel can last ground aggrandizement service, innovation changes, the gene that strengthens risk management and motivation.

View growing sex again, period develops in every, action travel consider the situation, against a rainy day, make and implemented right development strategy effectively, did not appear big decision-making error, at the same time demand of clingy client market changes, product of ceaseless innovation banking and service, because this won the market and client, be able to fast, grow continuously.

3 it is stability. The various management group of action travel specializations relatively, professionalism, the heart does not have everybody by look for is altruistic and to enrol the career of travel plod, consecratory; In the meantime, the course carries out a series of examining correct management concepts and tradition, be able to inheritance is progressively thorough popular feeling, precipitation is the distinctive culture that enrol silver. This is action travel can last, the inherent power of steady progress.

After growing, do not forget to pass on a society

Action travel grows in its the commitment that " of " redound society always does not neglect in the process, do not forget the company is right social responsibility, always be met by Chinese Red Cross after Ceng Xian, civil administration ministry awards medal of humanitarian of " China Red Cross " and " love contributory award " , have the honor to win " China 4 years continuously most bear name of respectable business " . Zhao Hangrong won award of " of behavior of citizen of " China optimal enterprise last year in December.

Come for years, action travel takes an active part in commonweal career, the concept " of " enterprise citizen is outspread to help the numerous domain such as deficient, education, environmental protection, communal sanitation up. 2006, action travel is initiated and whole journey participated in the large commonweal activity such as " of travel of " undergraduate commonweal. In May, the ala that province of alliance of responsibility of society of profession of the state-owend enterprise in enrolling a combination, Yunnan teachs the unit such as hall to sponsor " angel - 1 million aid learn mobile " , donate 2 million yuan to aid financially campus of return of children of unable to go to school, contributory object covered and other places of Yunnan, Guangxi, Xinjiang children of more than 1000 unable to go to school. When the travel this year celebrates 20 years, action travel hand in hand Chinese adolescent develops foundation, started hope project " at the same time project of growing " of fund of I and my 2008" special charity and beautiful children of " Jin Kui, with the whole nation make one's rounds performs the beneficent concert of 13 big cities for platform, those who pulled open collect funds capital is prelusive.
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