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The original understanding of manager of market of an outstanding region and exp
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The original understanding of manager of market of an outstanding region and experience

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Xiaohe is M electric equipment an outstanding district director, before director of his preferment district, once became clerk of 3 years in a gleam of of market of white home appliance, in the development to channel and management on this problem, xiaohe is having original understanding and experience. , the channel problem of at present of prattle of cafe of Buck of our photograph multiple star, when arriving how to develop channel of 3 class market effectively a little, xiaohe thinks seriously, told with me next, how does he himself use wisdom and competitor to dispute the story that grabs 3 class channel.

90 time metaphase, competition of home appliance market is very intense, be in especially domain of white home appliance, besides home the combat between a few old brands, a few if also join competitive procession Yilaikesi, Xi Menzi, LG in succession,cross national old brand. They besides chase after closely in market of city of a gleam of outside be not being put, right 2, 3 lines market also took the action, follow M freezer especially same arrangement also is the directest competitor X freezer, already first at M freezer, entered Zhejiang to save H county market, held the dominant position of first impressions are strongest.

In this moment Zhejiang be goinged to by group of area sale director saves H county market Xiaohe. Xiaohe's task, it is to should be in the blank area of this M freezer, build oneself sale site quickly, in order to perfect whole trench network. At that time, the difficulty that places before Xiaohe has 3: It is life ground not ripe, the 2 brand M that are oneself are done not have almost in this area any famous degree, 3 it is this outskirt county that having 40 much population the market, controlling with respect to the agency with 3 only powerful actual strength actually, the shopkeeper of one class does not have villages and towns generally wholesale channel. And, competitor X freezer had occupied most by force almost the sale network of H county.

M freezer fosters new agency without greater economic actual strength and time, wanting to establish new distribute channel inside short time so is impossible almost, only way has only from the loot in adversary hand.

For this, xiaohe did detailed investigation technically to analyse to these 3 agency, the result is as follows:

A agency basically manages local brand raise child freezer, reputation is good, figure it may not be a bad idea, but sale network is not perfect;

B agency manages Yilaikesi, Xi Menzi technically, the service is good, but a shop of only county;

C agency besides making X refrigerator only, still make color television and washing machine, the qualification is older, but thinking is dated, wholesale network can cover entire county.
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